Learn to Make the Best of Every Situation

Working in the service industry makes it difficult to not be exposed to many different personalities, an impossible notion in fact. Day in and day out, I make it my aim to effectively adjust to the ample degrees of the human psyche. I like to believe I do this well but no one is perfect. With such experience, I know every positive has a trivial situation lurking around the corner. That is why I have come to take one saying to heart above all others.

“Make the best of every situation.”

Time and time again we strap up for a big moment. A promotion we see coming our way, maybe a new diet, or a big trip that has been in the works for months. Time and time again we fail, miserably. Promises are yanked out from under us and our expectations prove futile. The world turns on us; our will has been broken and from here on out it is only an ample serving of negativity. I mean, that is the only legitimate way to survive another letdown. We cannot fathom building ourselves up again for only another disappointment, so we turn a cold eye to the world.

Unfortunately, a lot of individuals act this way. They lash out in negativity because they have expectations that are constantly not met or fall short of their goal. When they do not receive what they want, when they want by the measures they have so calculated, they become discontent.

I have failed as much if not more than many people I know in situations that range all over the board. From social expectations to athletic platforms, I have come short of goals I have set for myself numerous times. It has broken me down, built me back up and then refined me. You know the quip about “grass being greener.” I will spare you the dry humor. Sometimes the best solution to a shortcoming is to truly identify what you have learned in that situation. Your failures can be a tool to carve out your next plan of attack. They can help you understand where you went wrong, how to right your ship and achieve aspirations you have set forward.

So, you allotted one cheat day for your brand new diet and in reality you took five. You get discouraged, realize you were doomed from the start and are just not a diet person. Instead, recognize that you went outside of the parameters you set for yourself and need to strengthen your game plan. You dig into more studies that explain psychological tricks on how to convince your mind that you are full. You begin to research blogs and articles from fitness icons about how the tearing of micro-fibers in your muscles is in turn preparing them to grow. Before you know it, you took the time to dig in deeper and put forth more effort into a goal that was just superficial in its roots because you were not fully invested.

Expectations are tricky because they are not a valid commodity. They have no bearing and in reality, no value. Expectations originate from perceptions you have developed from a lifetime of varying experiences. You believe that a failure in one instance dooms you to repeat an identical task. This could be no further from the truth. Shortcomings allow us to build on our negatives and simply learn. We build from the bottom. This is how we were created and how we are able to build a solid foundation for any future tasks we choose to take on. Expectations are a volatile piece of the human function and we perform much better as we learn to release them.

Drop your expectations, put everything you have into everything you do and love the point you are at every step of the way. Nobody will ever be in the shoes you are in. Who are you to be negative?

We all drop the ball. The winners are going to pick it up and keep running.

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