To truly live life, stop plagiarizing the lives of others!

To become your own master, you must be guided…not ruled

If you wish to lead your life, then remove yourself from the herd of sheep. Become the lion that breathes within and watch your life move in the direction you desire.  

If you wish to seek wisdom, then read the words of great philosophers. They help open the mind allowing you to better reflect on your own life and in doing so create greater awareness about how it should be portrayed.

It is with a stable mind that one can truly live life to the fullest and with greater passion and purpose.

After listening once again to some great words of Seneca I wish to reflect on something that he stated. Without using his exact words, he suggested that one’s life is not fulfilled in following another. A life will flourish when it is its own master.

We have created a culture that appears to encourage the maintenance of the status quo.


Our education is designed in this manner. A cookie cutting factory with the aim of maintaining consistency. It is natural then for many of us to proceed in life by following others amongst us.

I feel more strongly now more than I ever have before, that this social design could be a fundamental flaw, if as individuals we desire to live out our own legacy.

By copying others and following exactly as they do… what hope is there for us to ever express who we truly are?

Plagiarism is to take the work or idea from someone else and pass it off as one’s own. We know that to plagiarize in this manner is immoral and illegal. Why is it then acceptable to copy how another may live?

Perhaps its not acceptable. However, we have become so accustomed to this way of life… the idea that we can all be molded from the same templates and this is ludicrous! We are without awareness of the limiting effects this state of existence can have on our life. It is likely then, that we are not aware of the benefits that come from expressing one’s true self.

I seek to live my life, not that of another. In doing so I must breed my own thoughts, I must create my own behaviors, and in action, direct my life towards that which I envision. How I desire to exist is uniquely my own.

Maybe I am being a little too strong in my opinion. However, I wish to really emphasize my message so that it can be understood. It is through extreme questioning of what appears as normal in life that we can awaken to greater awareness.

That is all I wish to do – awaken thought within you by writing and sharing my thoughts and opinions. Take what value you can and leave the rest behind.

The truth is, within conformity are we bound. In this state we will suppress true self-expression, the ability to create from within as opposed to not at all, and we will dampen any efforts to living a life that we ultimately desire – one of greater freedom.

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” JF Kennedy.

With all that said, it is fine to have mentors, here’s and people we look up to with some level of inspiration. These are people that are accomplishing great success on a level that resonates with our soul. These people offer us great guidance just like the many great philosophers that we enjoy reading.

Here we strike a difference – something further worth pondering on. There is a difference between guided and being ruled.

Have you ever watch a herd of sheep in a paddock? They seem to all be doing the same thing. If one is eating, so are the others. If one is laying, so are the others. If one is facing or walking south you, will almost be certain to see the rest doing the same.

“Are you the master of your own life or are you simply following the herd?”

This herd mentality is so pervasive eat for a number of reasons, but perhaps the greatest reason it exists is out of pure survival. Living among a group will give you greater protection and within that we find great comfort. Humans and animals alike seek pleasure over pain and we wish for a long existence. If following the herd allows this, then why not partake?

The issue is that as humans we have been given so much more. We have been given a creative brain. We seek more to life than that of the herd. This brain pushes us to peruse our wildest dreams that in the process, opens up doors of opportunities that within a herd we are restricted.

We are predators not merely animals of prey. We have drive, ambition and desire to achieve and accomplish great things. We have little desire to be ruled. We crave freedom of slavery. And for most of us, we desire freedom in self expression over conformity. Have we have just forgotten, are we simply unaware or do we choose to remain ignorant?


Watch how lions live in the wild. They seem free, they seem to be living as they wish to live, they are ruled by none and are happy to be there own-self. When they are hungry they hunt with unstoppable determination. When satisfied, they are most content with relaxing.
What makes us different? On an individual level, we have fear and self doubt and both of these are very real. They can have extreme influence on how we think, behave and act.

We find comfort in following others. It is a much easier process. Like I said before, it is quicker and easier to plagiarize the work of another instead of creating your own. But does it give you the same satisfaction and reward? Most certainly not.

If we are in comfort and living in the herd satisfies our survival instincts than why bother to break free? If we tempt to open our mind and options in life, we will find ourselves facing challenges never faced before. This is uncomfortable and if pain is not desirable why challenge the status quo, why step outside that ring into what is unknown?

Uncertainty scares us as humans. We don’t like venturing into the unknown. It creates fear and in facing fear we find pain. It seems a safer bet to continue eating from the pastures that you know then venturing beyond to finding new pastures because of the thought, “what if…?”
We also will find that our own self-beliefs and doubt will arise as we we venture off field.

Our creative mind is great for visioning big dreams and desires but its also great at informing us what we can and cannot do.

The obstacle of one’s own mind can become a monster in self-pursuit and in questioning one’s own mind will we find fear, pain and suffering.

To copy and follow another in many ways makes great sense. But is it? In reflection of the words from Seneca I really believe it is not. Your life will not be fulfilled if you continue to follow in the steps of others – it will flourish when you become your own master.

“The easiest path in life is often not the greatest.”


It is easier to sit and watch TV than it is to join the local Toastmasters club and give a speech. It is easier to hit the snooze button and lay in bed than it is to get out of bed and go for a run. No one really likes the pain that is associated with either public speaking or exercise.

It is the reward that results from taking action, however, that gives us the greatest satisfaction. And this high will always trump the reward from sitting idle or following another.

If you do what everyone else does you may never discover what truly lights you up. This is why I believe self-expression must be perused. This is why I believe that you must experiment in life, keep trying new and different things all the time and discover your passion.

Indulge in personal transformation and awaken your inner beast. My life changed forever when I began my personal transformation – yours will, too.

If you like how you exist, if you are absolutely certain that you are comfortable in life.. then stay there. If you are not, then get ready to shake things up.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

Seek guidance of those who you admire but do not be ruled by them. Use their guidance to create your self expression. Use them to learn from so that in walking your own path you will have a backpack of valuable lessons that will assist you in the climb to the top.

You are your own master and only you can determine the quality of life you live. We need to once again realize this and take action on this. Be your own master. Forget what you thought you knew to be your life, and be ready and open to the change and challenge you will face when you take back the reins of your life.

Be the lion and hunt for the freedom and future visions that you so desire. Don’t follow everyone else just because it’s easy. Freedom is the new meaning of success and you will only find this when you discover your true authentic self. And in that process alone, life will be truly grand. Be Guided, Not Ruled & Become Your Own Master

Peace, passion and purpose….