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Don’t let your ambition cripple you…

If you follow PRSUIT, then you probably have a great deal of ambition, drive, and inspiration. With inspiration often comes great ideas. I’m talking about the type of ideas that could completely change the game for your career, side-hustle, or aspiring business.

This is a short explanation of why our great entrepreneurial ideas by themselves are completely useless.

If you’re anything like me, then the great ideas you have probably give you some sense of confidence. They remind you that you ARE capable of progressing! These ideas have often given me the sense that I’ve FINALLY found what I want to do with my life! Maybe you’re much further along than me, and these ideas help you figure out what the “next big thing” is going to be for you! Let’s all take a moment of silence to remember our last ground-breaking idea…

Doesn’t it feel good?

Right after you got hit with your latest and greatest idea, something very common happened- you probably got another really good idea. As you began to develop that idea, you got hit with “anotha’ one” *DJ Khaled voice*.

Because you’re a hustler, you start thinking “How can I actually make this happen?” You strategize… You plan…

You tell your close friends about what you want to do…

great idea - man by oceanYou can’t sleep at night because you’re up thinking about these GREAT ideas… You even start to fantasize about the car you’re going to buy when you finally “make it”, the vacations you’re going to take… ahhhh. Feels good to have an idea and a great plan to execute it.

Unfortunately for most people, including me, this is where the story often ends.

What is an idea without taking action?

For many years, I wanted to have my own blog. I was never really sure exactly what it would be about though because my interests were so diverse. I love art, fashion, business, cars, and burgers. I really like burgers. I had LOTS of ideas of which direction to go, but I never went in any specific direction because the thought of making it happen was just so overwhelming. I’d sit on the idea of my blog for a few years with zero movement. I didn’t know which direction to go, so I didn’t go in any direction.

Although many of us have ideas, and sometimes even the “master plan” to make it happen – our ideas never become anything. They simply stay ideas and thoughts. Why is it that some of the BEST ideas have never amounted to anything, yet there’s some guy out there swimming in cash because he invented the pool noodle?!

What I’ve found through my own self-discovery is that my problem is usually not a lack of planning, strategy, or ambition.

Like many of you, my problem is with taking ACTION.

Most of us have so much ambition that we allow it to cripple us. We want to start a business, make big money, change the world, work for ourselves – and we often have an actual plan of how to make it happen! Simply put, the rubber never hits the road. The actual thought of actually starting on this “master plan” is exhausting! We get home from work and we’re tired. We want to sleep in on weekends, watch Netflix in the evenings, and be comfortable.

If you’re as imperfect and human as I am, then you probably face this problem on a weekly, if not daily, basis. We experience something called “paralysis by over-analysis” and it becomes the grave site of our greatest ideas.

So, what’s the remedy to this issue? It’s simple.

START DOING and take action against your ideas.

For me personally, I had to start small. I couldn’t quit my full-time job and dive into my new blog. I couldn’t go post to my 400k Instagram followers to check out my website and become a viral hit overnight. So, I started small. I purchased a domain.

Not a huge leap forward, but it at least it was a first step.

Then, I had a realization-

I had just accomplished more in 5 minutes of action than I had accomplished in the previous 4 years of “thinking about it”!

This thought really messed with my head. It made me realize that the missing piece for the past 4 years was simple- ACTION.

Once I bought my domain, I purchased my hosting. Right after that, I began to dig into tutorials on how to develop my brand, build my site, drive traffic to it, etc…

I can now proudly say that I’m addicted to progress. Since launching my blog in March of 2016, I’ve seen my traffic grow more and more every month! More than anything, I found out what my greatest flaw was and how to overcome it. The first steps toward my blog were the hardest, but the momentum that I created for myself was what has kept me going non-stop for the past 9 months.

If you take nothing else from this article, remember this when it comes to your ideas.

Comfort is the best friend of complacency. The person with 1000 great ideas and no action will lose to the person who has 1 mediocre idea and puts action behind it. Do yourself a favor and start somewhere- ANYWHERE! Start making progress today and make a daily habit of doing so. Don’t just have a plan, but have action steps that will get the ball rolling. Once it starts rolling, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to keep the momentum going!

Written by Brendon Wilder

Writer, Designer, Motivator, Encourager, Builder, Connector. Owner and Founder of Wilder Lifestyle

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