What Men Look Forward to During the Fall

Fall. Otherwise known as Autumn.

That wonderful season in between summer and winter that comes after spring.

The leaves crackle beneath your toes as you sip hot cider in your study and contemplate the meaning of life whilst scrolling through your endless Facebook feed.

Recently, while I was doing this exact activity, I stumbled on a list entitled “25 Things All Basic White Girls Do During the Fall.” The mystifying title piqued my curiosity, and I clicked on the link and began reading.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Boots? Oversized Sweaters? What was this madness? As I perused the list, I quickly realized that the information there didn’t apply to me!

I felt an emptiness inside, and I yearned to read a generic Internet list that I, as a basic MAN, could truly relate to. Tragically, this list was nowhere to be found. I could have admitted defeat right then and there, but I chose a different path. I dug into the depths of my enormous mind and, over the course of four sleepless, painstaking days, devised a list of my own. A list for all basic MEN. Here, my friends, are the fruits of my labor:

“2 Things All Basic Men Like About the Fall:”

1. Football

2. Leggings



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