The millennial generation reacts to Alexis Bloomer

The millennial generation has spoken regarding Alexis Bloomer.

Alexis Bloomer - Millennial Generation

Dear Elders, we’re sorry!

We’re sorry that two weeks ago, one individual, Alexis Bloomer, made a grand gesture for the entire millennial generation by accusing them of only “existing without contributing anything to society.”

We’re sorry because you deserve better. You deserve to know that all your efforts in raising us, has not gone to waste, but has sparked an entire movement of individuals seeking to contribute more to this world. All your experiences, hard work and dedication to providing our generation with all the means and tools, did not go unnoticed.

We’re sorry Alexis spoke on our behalf for our manners you raised us with. We’re not quite sure how Alexis was raised or what environments she keeps to, but many of us would be in serious trouble if we did not use the proper manners we were raised with.

We’re sorry Alexis Bloomer said “we spend more time online at work and less time actually building relationships, and that our relationships’ appearance on Facebook is more valuable than the foundation that it’s actually built on.

While that can most certainly exist, and we see all generations doing that on Facebook, Instagram and other social media, millions more are using the power of social platforms to launch ideas, create companies and start organizations that not only bring awareness to the world’s needs, but help execute those initiatives faster than any other time in history.

And if you’re looking to for a way to feel proud about the children you raised, please read Stacey Ferreira and Jared Kleinart’s book, 2 Billion Under 20: How Millennials Are Breaking Down Age Barriers & Changing the World.

It’s a great read and you’ll find millennials starting companies, founding organizations that tackle civil rights and creating early detection tests for pancreatic cancer to name a few.

So, to that, we’re clearly sorry Alexis said, “Nothing has value in our generation because we take advantage of everything. We have more opportunities to succeed than any of those before us yet we don’t appreciate the opportunities that we have now.”

Based on the aforementioned, that’s quite a contrary to what our fellow millennials are doing. Please know that because of the generations before us, we learned to ask more questions, seek out mentors, show gratitude for all the help we receive and pay it forward. We’ve learned to follow our dreams, pursue our passions and make a difference.


In fact, because of you raising us in a technologically driven world, we’re able to reach millions faster than ever before. We are truly inspired by you and grateful.

We’re sorry Alexis Bloomer had to use our obscene music to make an invalid point that’s probably no different than the hip swerving genius of Elvis Presley or the often at times, boundary pusher of Johnny Cash, typically acquainted with your generation.

We’re sorry Alexis saw validity in her statement that now she sees “why people call us Generation whY. Like, why are we so entitled because we don’t deserve to be and we were raised better than this.”

We’d like to think that we’re Generation Y, as in:

  • Y not?
  • Y can’t we make a difference?
  • Y can’t we take a stand for something we believe in?
  • Y can’t we push new boundaries and go beyond what was expected of us?
  • Y can’t we find more, do more, be more and give more?

We’re sorry Alexis thought an entire generation is lazy.

We’d like you to know that many of us are working harder than ever given the fact that we’re paying more for education, obtaining higher student loan debt, living in a substantially higher cost of living and making 20% less than the previous generation, while inheriting problems of a disastrous economy and one of the most unstable political environments to date . . . as so eloquently stated by Ana Kasparian, (host of The Young Turks on YouTube) in response to Alexis’ video.

PS – Ana, if you’re reading this, thank you for saying:

“We work extremely hard. Many of us have more than one job. Many of us working longer than 8 hours a day. Some of us are working 12 hours a day and that’s just a regular work day for us.”


We’re sorry Alexis thought we don’t respect our country and that we’re more divided than ever before. While many from the millennial generation are not happy with the current state of affairs being handled by our older generations, we’re doing our best to show faith in them to do the right thing, yet take matters into our own hands knowing that the only people we can rely on is ourselves.

Hence, we have become the most entrepreneurial generation of all time.

In part because we want to push boundaries. In part because there’s a huge paradigm shift in the corporate workforce. And in part because we don’t have the luxury of pointing fingers and complaining when we have bills to pay.

And finally, we’re sorry Alexis Bloomer is not sure “what we’re going to be remembered by”.

Alexis, you were hoping “our generation starts pulling up our pants and actually contributing to this society we love in order to make a difference.”

Well, you’re in luck. We at Trep Media Group, a company dedicated to delivering positive and inspirational content to the driven millennial by documenting the actual work and hustle, along with our friends from the Next Gen Summit, a community dedicated with a mission to empower the world’s youth to design extraordinary lives, are happy to show our elders the results of their time, energy and attention into raising Generation Y.

Alexis Bloomer, if you’re looking for some of your contemporaries to be proud of, here are just a few millennials with something to say:

Written by Matt Gottesman

Matt Gottesman is a global digital strategist and technology advisor, creator and editor-in-chief of Hustle & Deal Flow™ - an online magazine dedicated to the world's entrepreneurs, creators and makers, a Social Media Influencer and a consultant on New Media and go-to-market strategies for investments in digital marketing, technology, websites, mobile applications, eCommerce, social media and content.

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