Mondays…Don’t Have To Suck

Let’s Make Them Positive, Or Manageable At Least

Monday, the beginning of a new week. If you aren’t too fond of your workweek, then you may dislike Mondays, or even hate them with a passion. Let’s take some time to dissect why some people dislike Mondays.

For starters, the most obvious reason is because you have to go back to work from your weekend vacation. Who wants to go to work anyway right? Well, sometimes you have to, and Monday is the start of a workweek for lots of people. It can just be as simple as that for some people, actually having to “go back” to work from the weekend. What is the weekend? It’s basically a two day vacation, where you don’t have to work! It spells itself out, of course Mondays are no fun.

Mondays are also the beginning of a five day work week, and you know you have to go to work for another five days….It can get to you, if you let it.

Let’s welcome in the entrepreneur to our minds. If you already are one, weekends are probably some mythical beast that you haven’t encountered in a very long time. That’s because the work never really stops for an entrepreneur. Sure it doesn’t stop at the office either, but they give you time off. Giving yourself time off as an entrepreneur, may not be very ideal to one. I wrote another post about how working multiple jobs helped my future self as an entrepreneur, and how “clocking into my second job after a long first job shift, was a piece of cake”. Let’s put that into prospective for Mondays. Monday only feels the way it does because of the way you make it feel. If you worked Sunday, then Monday probably wouldn’t be so dautning. If you worked Saturday also, it’d be even less daunting. I know you’re saying “but what about time to myself or time off!?” I’m not saying work a full 8 hours on both weekend days. Maybe put in 2-3 hours each day.

Monday won’t feel like such a burden anymore, and you may start to feel differently about it. Like actually embracing Monday since everyone is back at work and you have more opportunities to grow your business!

But we’ll get to that later.

To be very clear, i’m not recommending this for someone who works at a place/business, this is for entrepreneurs who work on their own. Mondays wouldn’t feel like Mondays if you wouldn’t make Saturdays and Sundays feel like Saturdays and Sundays.

Title Photo Credit: flickr