Motivational quotes for students

7 Motivational Quotes For Students (based on my experience)

I always strive to write pieces that are directly derivative of my own experiences – not based on hearsay, rumors, or supposed best practices.

But for this post, I want to simply put out there some great perspectives that have been written and spoken by far more experienced, traveled and well-read folks than myself.

I want to do it for a group of individuals who are on the brink of embarking on their own respective life and career journeys.

Inspirational Quotes for College Students

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I myself graduated just around 5 years ago and looking back, needed all the help and direction I could get. Looking back, the below 7 quotes have proven to be true time and time again in my life and the lives of my peers on similar paths so I wanted to share them with you.

Let’s go. Time to get out of the books and into your life’s journey.

So you just graduated, eh? Time to play it smart, get a solid job, good benefits, strong prospects, etc.

motivational quotes for students


Spoken by Ryan Holiday, this quote has never rang more true. I am a firm believer in job security, don’t get me wrong, but in looking back at the past 5 years, I am extremely thankful for the calculated risks I took. These risks allowed me to be where I am today and on track to where I want to be tomorrow. My only regret? Not taking more!

Risks, eh? So what does that look like? Should I just seek out risks and hope they pay off?

motivational quotes for students

Matt Bennett (of BeSomebody) wrote this the other day on Facebook and I was particularly struck by how this applies to new graduates and students. Risks don’t have be grandiose white/black, yes/no decisions. It can be as simple as committing to something that challenges you. Why? Because I wholeheartedly agree with Matt that we are all capable of creation – whether you think you are creative or not. All it requires is commitment and a strong connection to your passion.

Great! So just align hard work and hustle with my passion… that’s not so hard, right?

motivational quotes for students


I had a great conversation with Kirsten Roberts last week on our podcast, The Hustle Sold Separately in which I asked her if it was cliche and outdated to task students with going out and finding their passion. To me, that seems a bit formulaic and forced. She agreed, saying that the truest and most organic way she has witnessed passion developed is through trial & error and experience. You can’t force passions on yourself. Stop trying to find your passion. You can’t sit at home and come to a conclusion about what your passion in life is. You have to learn it through experience. That takes time, but you have to be confident that you will find it. Have confidence that as long as you put yourself on a path to discover new experiences and new perspectives, that you will find it. And remember, even though it is not always easy, appreciate and enjoy the journey to success.

Sounds good. I’ll play it out. Slow and steady wins the race.

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While I definitely think you have more time than you think and that you shouldn’t commit to something just because you think you need to, time is limited. I just turned 28 and while there are plenty of great years ahead, looking back, I wished I hadn’t been so complacent with my desire to grow. Light a fire in yourself to travel, explore, network, read and experience as many perspectives as you can to help fuel your passion.

So how do I actually find my passion?

motivational quotes for students

I can only tell you through the lens of my own experience, but the way I have connected with my passion areas is simple. I am hungry for growth. And to grow you have to get out of your comfort zone. If you strive to connect with your true calling and want that to guide you in life, you have to connect with like-minded people, interesting people, people who will inspire and lift you up. You have to learn new skills and curate an understanding of things that you wouldn’t normally. You have to travel and experience new cultures. That is how you grow, and that is how you find your passion.

Then what?!

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I am convinced that if you simply follow those adventures, attract people who share in that passion and execute on the things that drive you, that you will be wildly successful in your own regard. A big part of that is your attitude towards the world you live in. Are you a passive person who views the world as a constant barrage and attack on yourself? Are you positive or negative? The latter is in ‘lean-back’ mode. They are reactive, not proactive. These folks, in my experience, are destined for the status quo. That is fine for them, but I refuse to fall into that. Even though it is not always easy, I firmly believe in daily empowerment and affirmation. Remember the above and strive to make every moment of every day of every week of every month of every year the happiest, most informative, thoughtful, altering, molding, powerful and accepting time of your life.

Sounds good! Can’t wait for the next year to grow from the experiences of this year.

motivational quotes for students

I live by this quote and while I try to never let fear be a primary motivating factor in my life’s decisions, I think this is a great concluding quote as it reminds me to put into play all of the above. How do I avoid stagnancy? How do I avoid looking back next year and realizing that I didn’t grow?

Take risks. Build and create. Have the right mindset. Have a sense of urgency. Be hungry for growth. Be excited!