Joseph D Lazukin - Facebook status

How This One Facebook Status Made Me $75,000

This is the story of how one Facebook status made me $75,000. Not only that, but it unlocked the keys to a better life, a better network, and better opportunities.

What does your Facebook profile say about you?

Does it resemble who you are, the values you stand for, and skills you are a capable of?

Facebook is an incredibly powerful way to show the world your talents.

If you take a look at my personal profile, you see that I post about myths regarding the Facebook Pixel, share tips on how to increase revenue by segmentation, tips on growth hacking to scale your business, to random tips on here and there on how to increase conversions via small but lucrative changes to your business websites.

If you look at my business profile, while less maintained, you’ll find similar attributes, but also a treasure trove of motivational statuses and openly shared passive income business ideas to supplement your income or self-fund your own startup.

As a business professional or entrepreneur, there is a right and wrong way to use social media. If your personal profile, your public Facebook page, your Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are not landing pages, lighthouses for what you are capable of, then you are missing out on potential business, consulting, and growth opportunities.

Now before I tell you about the status that made me $75,000 I want to say that I never used to leverage my personal profile for business purposes until very recently.

All of this happened over a timeline of 30 days.

At the time, I, like anyone else who’s been on Facebook long enough, had thousands of friends/lurkers who were connected to me, but rarely if ever interacted with each other… and while I had achieved a lot of success early on in my life creating million dollar marketing funnels and co-founding successful SaaS startups, nobody knew me on Facebook for what I did. Unless I explicitly told someone, nobody knew as I wasn’t broadcasting my message, my values, or my skill set.

So then I had a thought…

What if I could gamify Facebook to bring clients to me, and growth my way through curating my Facebook presence?

That idea lead me to delete over 3,000+ of my friends at the time except for my business contacts, re-writing my bio and trashing any old images, statuses, or videos that had nothing to do with my message, values, or skill set.

Most people use Facebook to be a “highlight reel” of their social lives. Mine, on the other hand, was going to become a highlight reel of my business acumen, values, and skill set.

The results were immediate.

Facebook stopped recommending me every pretty girl in town (I’ve had my personal Facebook profile since I’ve been 15 haha…I think that’s all the backstory needed to be said there), and started recommending thought leaders, high-caliber entrepreneurs, celebrities, and millionaires from every industry, aka potential clients. Curating my audience was done, the next step, was to broadcast my message.

There is ONE question and only one question that you need to answer when it comes to broadcasting your message (and this applies to content your businesses share as well), and that question is…

“What value can add to the lives of others?”

A lot of people I knew growing up were too focused on money and hadn’t adopted the proper mindset to recognize that all business is at the end of the day, is solving for how you can provide value to the lives of others.

Money is the byproduct of value, and value is for sharing, and sharing value is hands down one of the best ways to exercise the law of attraction, and attract the right people into your world.

So what did I do?

I made the conscious decision to give some of my best trade secrets away… for free

These were secrets that I had used to generate thousands of dollars for myself and my clients.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to give away the strategies that set you apart from your competitors for free, you might be overlooking the fact that broadcasting that information makes you become the “best expert” in your field.

When people think of marketing on Facebook, they now think of me, not the thousands of other consultants out there. Up until that point, I was just another face in the sea of consultants.

Since my profile was still pretty early on in the curating process, I shared those tips within various marketing groups on Facebook, and immediately after my first post went up, my inbox became a firestorm of inbound requests. I had dozens of people asking me to consult for their business, if I had a marketing course they could buy, or were asking if I could teach them over a Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangout. Even my personal network took notice and thought leaders who had never recognized me before reached out to hop on calls or bring me into their business.

My life, my network, and my business ultimately changed overnight because of one post, and the conscious decision to make a change and lead value first.

Since that day, I have signed two contracts to the tune of $75,000 plus royalties, and have more leads coming in daily as more and more people become aware of the value I share.

So let me ask you again, what does your Facebook profile say about you? Is it a landing page for everything you stand for? Does the content you share add value to people’s lives? If not, you have some homework to do, but rest assured this is the fun kind of homework that unlocks the keys to a better life, a better network, and better opportunities.

Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed the read, gift someone with the gift of perspective by sharing this with them. Remember, sharing value is the key to growth, and the value of having the proper mindset, should never be underestimated!