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    Since launching in 2014, PRSUIT has engaged millions (literally!) of hungry weirdos like you and me. We’re extremely humbled to have become family with a worldwide tribe of subscribers. Welcome to the PRSUIT ambassador program. To get started, sign up here: This is where the fun really begins! Our ambassadors are incredibly clever in spreading [...]
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    Welcome to the party! We're honored, humbled and excited to have you onboard. We can't wait to hang out and get to know you. Be sure to respond to the email we just sent you with a cheeky joke or just to say hi. We respond to every email we get, so fire away. In the [...]
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    [et_bloom_inline optin_id=”optin_7″] Check out out latest issue here. **Side effects from subscribing to the daily PRSUIT may include feeling like a driven, passionate badass, not caring what others think, and a general sense of purpose. More

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    A daily email dedicated to helping you become the badass human you’re meant to be. Not the news or Wall Street, not the Kardashians, not the latest Forbes list. You. Because you should take yourself and your goals seriously. Side effects from subscribing to the daily PRSUIT may include feeling like a driven, passionate badass, […] More

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    Hate Your Job? Use it to Step Closer to Your Greater Purpose

    Declan is the founder of millennialtype.com which is dedicated to empowering millennials to LIVE, CREATE, PERSEVERE, and DREAM. Preorder Declan’s book The Millennial Way http://millennialtype.com/millennialway No matter what situation you find yourself in – especially if you hate your job – you have an ample opportunity to step closer to your greater purpose. 71% of millennials are disengaged […] More

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    5 ways to successfully turn passion into a business

    turn passion into business - girl on laptop

    The other day, I launched a new business dedicated to creating artwork for folks who appreciate motivational thoughts combined with cool, stylized images. It’s called NVRMIND and it’s dedicated to two things that I love – dope artwork and inspirational experiences. This new business is the result of something I’ve learned over the past 5 […] More

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    The 30 seconds and one sentence that changed my life

    one sentence can change your life - woman with tattoo

    I have always been a super self-conscious, shy person who constantly dwelled on the judgments that other people were mentally making about me. I was always absolutely convinced that everyone who met me, or just saw me on the street, saw ugly poor white trash and it would always be that way. I walked with […] More

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    This aspect of your 9 to 5 is key to achieving success

    Hint: It has nothing to do with 9am to 5pm. What do you do with your free time Monday through Friday? Assuming that the average corporately-employed person finishes his/her day job around 6 pm and goes to sleep around 11 pm, there are 5 hours each day where rigid responsibilities suddenly take a nose dive and […] More

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