He was tired of restless nights…so he built a company to fix them

Five years ago, Matteo Franceschetti was an entrepreneur who had a big problem: his sleep was TERRIBLE.

“I woke up each day with endless work to do and no energy to power through,” Matteo shared with me during a meeting last week.

This is hardly a unique problem.

That’s why it’s astonishing to think that in the past 200 years, when humans have leveraged technology to evolve in so many ways, (see: electricity, the automobile, the first flight, a man on the moon, the internet, smartphones), we’ve made little headway in addressing the age old problem of bad sleep.

Matteo noticed this when he looked around the market and found no products or companies that could help him.

Sleepless night Matteo Franceschetti Eight Sleep

He got to work researching how to improve his sleep fitness and discovered that with the right combination of factors, he was able to drastically improve his quality of rest and recovery. And with this, get more out of every minute of sleep he was able to get.
He decided that he would use what he learned to build a company that actually fixes sleep through technology.

And with that, Matteo took a big risk — he sold his renewable energy company and founded Eight Sleep with the conviction that his team could leverage the huge amount of existing technology to understand sleep at a massive scale and fix the issues that prevent a good night’s sleep.

Eight Sleep launched their first full sleep system in 2016, a smart bed equipped with advanced biometric tracking meant to record sleep patterns that has been adopted by more than 20,000 people — including elite athletes like Jarvis Landry and Danny Green.

Since then, the company has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, announced by TIME Magazine as one of the top inventions of 2018 and attracted members to their scientific board from Harvard, UPenn, Yale and Stanford.

But Matteo didn’t sit back and ride the early wave of success — he was already setting his eyes on tackling one of sleep’s biggest problems: temperature.

“We can all relate to the feeling of waking up too hot or cold during the night. We’ve done the research and talked to our customers and we know this is sleep’s number one problem” explains Matteo.

Enter the Pod: Eight Sleep recently announced their latest cutting-edge product: the Pod, a high-tech bed that learns what you like and automatically changes the temperature in bed so that you never feel hot or cold while asleep. It has a built-in thermo alarm that gradually cools your bed before your set time so that you wake-up more naturally.

Matteo Franceschetti Eight Sleep The PODThe Pod also has amazing features like biometric tracking, sleep coaching and smart home integrations, all of which can be controlled from the palm of your hand.

I love stories like this (and products like this) because it affirms your belief that a simple problem really can lead to a BIG idea. This sleep space is ripe for disruption and Eight Sleep is taking a very unique approach to solving the biggest issues facing sleep.

Matteo is offering PRSUIT readers $250 off the Eight Sleep POD. Claim here and use code PRSUIT.

Now go make that idea of yours a reality.

* this article is sponsored by Eight Sleep.

Written by Case Kenny

Case is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the host of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast. Reach him at or @case.kenny on Instagram.

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