The road to remote working success [update 2]

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Wow! Is it already time for our last update? Where did the time go?! Between our team traveling quite a bit and an election, time really has flown by!

Growing a remote working team is not easy.

There have certainly been growing pains, but we have the confidence that our team can work together to grow stronger by the day.

Tech and Our Virtual Office

We are excited to report that we have researched, purchased, set up and integrated all the tech we need to manage day to day operations, at least for the foreseeable future. What a relief!

However we are exploring a few upgrades. For example, we are currently testing out Buffers Awesome Plan, which would allow us to schedule our social media much farther in advance. The analytics are great too!

Expanding Our Network

We are welcoming  Embodiment Facilitator Mairtin McNamara to our provider network.

As we mentioned in the last article, we have joined forces with  Digital Nomads Forum, the fastest growing free community of Digital Nomads!

Digital Nomads Forum has recently launched a contest with some great prizes for location-independent workers.

In addition to Rebel + Connect, other contest sponsors include Osprey, Bose, Chromebook, Collision, & Travel Developer. Each company has donated awesome prizes that are all up for grabs to digital nomads and aspiring digital nomads!

The contest runs until the Nov 28, so get your entry in today. Enter here!

We are actively seeking new win-win collaborative relationships with:

  • Distributed and Remote Team Management Experts
  • Health and Wellness Professionals
  • Leadership Coaches and Trainers
  • Team Building Facilitators
  • Event Planners
  • Event Venues
  • Tour Guides
  • Travel Agents
  • Videographers
  • Photographers
  • Catering Services
  • Transportation Providers
  • Destination Management Specialists
  • Conscious Product Based Businesses
  • Hotels and other Room and Board Providers

If you or someone you know fits into one or more of these professional categories, contact us to learn more about becoming a Rebel + Connect network provider.

Our Upcoming Virtual Live Training Event

On Friday, November 25th at 12pm EST, Rebel + Connect Co-Founder Charlie Birch and Rebel + Connect Network Provider Ed Harrold will be co-hosting a live virtual training, Building Resilience For Optimal Performance.

We’d love for you to join us, you can sign up here!

If you can’t make this event, no worries, we will host a new one each month. You can check out the line-up here!

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We were recently invited to participate in LinkedIn’s #ProFinderContest. To qualify we had to submit an original piece that told the story of our company.

Check it out and share if you dig it!

A Secret of Remote Work Success: Rebel + Connect!

And if you still can’t get enough there is always more to read at Stories From the Road…

Podcast Episodes

It was our hope to have the podcast up on iTunes by now, but there has been a hiccup regarding the combination of the logo, the url, and the name of the podcast.

Word to the wise… make sure your logo, url, and podcast name are as identical as possible.

We will let you know when our channel is live!

In the meantime, here is how you can find each episode. :

Intimacy and Relationships: How To Use Embodiment Practice to Stay Human While Working Remotely w/ Alicia Patterson Ep. 3

Eastern Wisdom, Western Science, High Performance, and Personal Accountability w/ Ed Harrold Ep. 2

Get Shit Done: Self Management, Personal Systems, and Implementation w/ Shannon Townsend Ep. 1

Don’t miss these powerful conversations!

Growing Our Team

The good news…

We came to the collective decision that it was time to invest in some professional sales copy.

Thanks to the high quality entrepreneurs that make up Arne Giske’s Millennial Entrepreneur Community on Facebook, we connected with Brian Christian of Armageddon Marketing.

Brian has been a pleasure to work with and we are very excited to get his copy into our sales page and see how it performs.

We will certainly be hiring Brian again!

The bad news…

We decided to hire Clozer to match us up with experienced sales professionals and we had anything but luck. We spent $999 on a service that did not deliver a single viable candidate and was overrun with technical frustrations.

Not only does their platform fail to function properly about 50% of the time, their customer service is just plain embarrassing.

We are going through credit card dispute to salvage the botched investment.

We are not about trashing other businesses, as we understand that a reputation is invaluable. We also feel compelled to let our audience and peers know that they would be wise to think twice before investing in this service.

We are walking away with a renewed commitment to outstanding customer service and integrity of our business practices.

Additionally, we are still looking to recruit the right salesperson to fill out our team!

This person would ideally have experience in high end B2B service based sales and be confident enough in their sales skills that working for commission would not be an issue.

We are offering a competitive 15-20% commission on contracts ranging from 4K-11K.

We are also looking for a social media intern.

This person would ideally have interest in building a social media portfolio that displays their ability to take a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn business page from modestly engaged three figure follower audiences to actively engaged 4-6 figure follower audiences, while driving traffic to our site, and increasing sales.

Both of these potential team members would be self motivated, self lead, and high performing individuals.

If you fit the bill or know somebody that does, have them e-mail us at subject line “I Think It’s Me!” and we can discuss these positions in further detail.

Until next time…

Have a fantastic day!

Rebel + Connect!

Written by Rebel and Connect

At Rebel and Connect, we work with leaders of remote team empowering them to use retreats as a strategic tool to enhance worker experience and company culture. Rebel + Connect is a Colorado based company owned and operated by Charlie Birch, Rachel McGehee, and Summer Weirich. We operate remotely and service clients from all over the globe. For more about our mission follow us on Instagram, Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn by clicking on our names above and checking out our LinkedIn Pulse articles. Email us directly at Free Download: Top 15 Things to Consider When Planning a Company Retreat

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