Stop questioning yourself

We all have a tendency to question ourselves, our self worth and what we’re capable of.

But I really believe that you can move yourself to a place of peace and calm where you know that you 100% deserve the goodness that has come your way and will come your way in the future. You don’t need to question yourself and you should feel a sense of peace knowing that you’re on the right track.

I think the universe wants to prove this to you.

I know this because it’s been trying to show me! Here’s why.

I see the number 216 everywhere I go in my life – the time on a clock, number of emails in my inbox, page number, $2.16 per gallon, etc. I see it everywhere! 216, 216, 216.

Recently my friend told me about angel numbers. She explained to me that angel numbers are simply sequences of numbers that carry divine guidance. These numbers each carry with them a specific vibrational meaning that goes beyond the numbers themselves.

We looked up 216 and it’s really affirmed this mindset for me.

It turns out that 216 is all about affirming that you should know that good things are conspiring to come together for you. And you shouldn’t question that. You shouldn’t question good fortune or any kind of goodness in your life – the goodness of a promotion, of a new friend, of a new interest, of a gift, etc.

You shouldn’t question it because you deserve it.

Even as a dudebroguy who typically scoffs at things like angel numbers, vibrational energies, signs, etc… I’ve pushed myself to be more opened minded to what the universe is trying to show me. And I think 216 is the final push I needed to realize this fundamental truth.

This is a truth that says no matter what… you’re not getting lucky. The good things in your life are not random, fleeting, undeserved or meant for someone else. You deserve them!

Seeing 216 eeeeeeeeeverywhere reminds me that we should stop questioning ourselves – our worth, our ability, what we deserve.

Say the following with me:

I trust that I’m heading in the right direction in my life. I trust that my effort, my experiences and who I am becoming as a person are putting me on the right path.

I trust that because of that, good things are coming my way and I deserve them! Good, wholesome, compassionate, powerful, impactful things are heading my way.

These are things, people and perspectives that serve to fulfill what my soul wants and needs. I deserve them and my effort and experiences are leading me there.

Take a deep breath, relax and say:

Good things are coming because right now I’m going to trust my path. I’m going to trust what I’ve done, what I’m doing and what I will do.

I am being led somewhere that is right for me, and that somewhere has fulfilling things, people, and experiences waiting for me. It’s filled with goodness.

This is such a powerful reminder that the universe wants you to know. It’s been reminding me of this for years and I’m just now finally believing it!

Knowing this will make you feel at peace with your life. Know, trust and affirm that you deserve goodness… not because you’re the greatest, the most talented, the funniest, or best looking. BUT you deserve goodness because you’ve made it this far. You strived, you’ve lived, you’ve experienced and you should believe that you’re heading somewhere that’s right for you.

I really do believe that you can come to believe this. Maybe not immediately. You might even be a bit skeptical right now. But the more you open your heart to this truth, the more I think you’ll discover it to become a reality for you.

You deserve goodness in your life. No matter what.

Let’s go.

Written by Case Kenny

Case is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the host of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast. Reach him at or @case.kenny on Instagram.

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