The Story of a Group of Entrepreneurs, Watches and Lessons Learned

“Everyone has 30 minutes to come up with 5-10 viable businesses; any industry, any type. We’ll reconvene to discuss each and every one.”

So there we were, at the end of the summer of 2010, in a living room halfway across the world with a notepad and a pen. There were 6 of us all together with high ambitions and entrepreneurial dreams.

With 6 people, that’s a whole lot of business ideas.

I walked over to my desk, took out my notepad and started to brainstorm. 5 minutes passed, and I had nothing.  10 minutes later, and I still didn’t have a single legitimate business idea. I looked around; everyone else was writing!

I hadn’t done this before. This was the true origin of business- idea generation.

What problems existed in the market?

How do we fix them?

How do we create value out of nothing?

We all had a natural passion for entrepreneurship; we just didn’t how to get there.

I suddenly had the realization this wasn’t a class assignment, this was real life.

I jotted down a few novel ideas. Problems I had in my life I thought could be fixed, I just didn’t know how. This was a start and I knew the group would help me conceptualize solutions.

Once we reconvened, we discussed each and every one in depth:

What problem does it solve?

How would we go about starting it?

How much would it cost?

How would we find customers?

The questions go on, and on and on…

timandnickVincero90% of the businesses weren’t feasible. Most of them weren’t doable either because the remaining members of the group had poked holes in the business model, because the business already existed and we couldn’t compete, or because of the upfront capital we needed to to start  was far too high.

What started as a one-time brainstorming session turned into weekly meetings.

The ideas with real potential we kept in the mix and would come back to every week. Ultimately hundreds of ideas of businesses that we thought would be viable were discussed in those first few months.

There is no doubt if I could see some of those lists today, I would hit myself over the head and say “What were you thinking?!”

But finally, we found it! Or at least we thought.

We had friends in product development. These were people who made their own products, started their own brands and sold them to customers online and in retail stores.

We had a plethora of ideas for new products we could make.

We looked into anything and everything we thought was cool to see where to start.

True story: In the fall of 2010, I found myself in a suit, in a showroom at a floating mannequin factory discussing product details, pricing and MOQ’s with the owner of the factory.

I guess it goes to show that sometimes the entrepreneurial compass takes you in some awfully weird directions. However, I wouldn’t change any of it because we learned through experience, and that’s what we really needed at the end of the day.

VincerologoThis was the beginning of our Vincero journey.

It began years ago with iPad cases. Simple enough product to develop right? A few pieces of leather and some stitching and BAM!!……..The start of Vincero.

While the path from iPad cases to Vincero obviously didn’t happen that fast, the interest and experience gained in product development certainly did.

It was through the process of designing, developing and manufacturing numerous different products thereafter that led us directly to Vincero.

Before landing on watches, we went through tablet & phone accessories, promotional items, wine accessories and numerous other development projects. Some failed, some succeeded and are still part of what we do today.

Watches challenged and intrigued us from both design and developmental standpoints.

Each and every watch is a different combination of so many different parts. There are different types of movements, clasps, hands, crowns, steel, leather, numbers, case back, etc.  How strong should the steel be? What kind of glass can be used? How much water resistance? I think you get the point.

We’ve built a foundation of experience in designing, developing & manufacturing thousands of watches. But while we had complete control of manufacturing and development, that’s where it always ended for us…until now.

So what was next?

“We noticed the widening gap between watches that were both unique & high quality vs. what was reasonably affordable.

Watches should be not only unique, but also have significance. After all, no man enjoys wearing the same thing as the guy next to him.

That’s why we made the decision to complete only one production run of each watch type we make and why we number each individual watch that comes off of the line.

So what’s the kicker? After all we aren’t ignorant enough to say these kinds of watches don’t exist on the market today.

Limited Release watches are in no way a new concept, but they simply haven’t been affordable for a majority of men.

Every guy should own a special watch; one that is made correctly with top quality components and not one that a million other dudes have. It’s as simple as that.

The inspiration behind this first line of watches is the perfect expression of our brand’s mission.

We chose to start with premium Italian marble. It’s the same marble Michelangelo used to sculpt ‘David’ and the same marble instrumental in constructing the Roman empire.

Pair this marble; something rich in so much history and significance, with top-of-the-line watch components. Now we have something that is classy, fashionable and unique at a legit price.

Vincero was born.

You won’t be able to find other watches on the market at a price near ours that are both incredibly unique and use such high quality components. This  makes us both confident in our product and so, so excited for the future of this brand!

This was the path that led to Vincero, and we couldn’t be more excited about our future.