The Biggest Lessons I Learned From Writing a Best-Selling Book

As I sat outside my Sydney pad just over a year ago, I had a choice to make: do I listen to my intuition and write a book on a topic that I felt needed to be written or should I just listen to all the older people in my life that said I was too young to write a book on entrepreneurship?

Enter Andrew & Sulinya.

As I gave it more thought later that evening, I asked myself, “What is there exactly to lose?  Do I create the courage to move forward or do I sit by idly and wait for someone else to go first?”  That’s when I decided to send a Facebook group message to Andrew & Sulinya with a very brief question:

hey guys, do you want to write a book about living an unconventional life…?

And that’s where our journey began.

Fast-forward almost a year and a half later and the three of us have become best-selling authors in various business and entrepreneurship categories.

But while the end may feel and seem quite glorious, the journey was quite difficult.  When negativity and struggle are present, you will always need to find something that allows you to push forward and remain consistent.

Here is 1 of the Top Lessons I’ve learned from chasing this dream even when others didn’t support us – the ‘knows’ I discovered throughout all the no’s.

Know Your Facts

The desire to write a book on entrepreneurship and business didn’t come out of thin air.  It came out of necessity after noticing a large gap within the market.  We realized that the majority of the information and books that young entrepreneurs were reading on business was coming from individuals who were 50 steps ahead, but not much from those who were just 5 steps ahead.

Wouldn’t you want to learn from someone who is not far removed from where you aspire to be – someone who understands exactly what you are going through right now?

When it comes to overall job satisfaction, the stats of yester-year still hold quite true today: “only 13% of all people worldwide enjoy going to work” (McGregor).  But on the other hand, there are some generation specific stats that support something that no previous generation can understand as well…not even the mentors.  As Milennials, we have amassed over $1 Trillion in student loan debt (Louis), which is an obvious indication that the system that was set up for us to succeed is not working in our favor (and never has).  For the first time ever, 61% of the emerging generation of workers feels personally responsible to make a difference and leave a lasting impact in the world (Nelson) and finally, nearly half of Generation Y wants to start a business in the next five years, and over 1/3 of employed millennials have already started businesses on the side to supplement their incomes (Schawbel).

This just goes to show that there is something fresh and unique about our generation.  Something that has never been seen before and thus, something that can’t necessarily be guided by individuals who are 50 steps ahead.

Enter The Two-Week Notice.


After we were able to get comfortable with the stats on our peers, we decided to write our book from the perspective of unconventional living.  We set out on a journey to write from the viewpoint of those currently hustling, not only to put food on the table, but also to make a difference in the world (however large or small that may be).  And we set out to pass on our knowledge to our peers in smaller, more relatable chunks.

Which brings me back to the importance of knowing your facts.

As an entrepreneur – someone who, by definition creates solutions for problems – you must be willing to discover the depths of which you can serve your clients and audience.   You must be willing to step into their shoes and figure out what they say, do, think and feel.  By observing what the majority of others are doing and by gathering your facts, you will then be able to see where the gaps are not only in the market, but also in the information.

You will find your Blue Oceans Strategy, which will allow you to add value and serve your audience in the deepest ways possible – because you will connect with their desires, you will get their worries and you will understand their motivators.

By understanding all of this about your audience, you can create a powerful community and tribe of ambitious, grateful fans who will take what they have learned, apply it and make a difference in the world.

That is the impact we are looking to make with The Two-Week NoticeJoin us. 

[Thanks for reading – tune back in over the coming weeks for more of the BIG lessons Alex learned from writing a best-selling book.]

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