The Manliest Sport We have Ever Seen – Calcio Storico

Think Rugby, MMA and American football are the hardest hitting, ‘put some hair on your chest’ sports out there? Think again. Calcio Storico, or Historic Football, is quite possibly the most chaotic and violent sporting event we have ever seen. Apparently this is a once a year sporting event that takes place in June in Italy and is played as tribute to the ancient game. The game is played on sand with goals on either side of the “field.” Teams consist of 27 jacked up dudes who are allowed to do basically anything to control and pass a ball to get it to the goal. There is a referee whose role I am not entirely sure of. Check out the below video and get a little taste of the action. You can also check out the sport eventing’s official Italian site here


Title Photo Credit: Vimeo