“The Pursuit of Interestingness”

…Because nobody cares about the smartest guy in the room

Smart is good. I’ve always thought that one of the most flattering compliments someone could receive is to be referred to as “bright”, as I feel that word encapsulates much more than just one’s mental aptitude. The ability to learn and have a wealth of knowledge in that thing we call a brain is something to be admired.

The expression “the smartest guy in the room”, depending on how it’s used, can be a term of endearment or a flat out insult. But you can’t deny someone’s brain if it’s functioning at a level superior to your own. I know a few people (my dad being one of them) who I look at and think Wow, your mind is on a totally other level than most.

That being said, I find that most couldn’t really care less about how smart someone is anymore. And I don’t mean those simply making small talk at cocktail hour. Organizations are hiring based on personality much more than someone’s actual IQ (unless you’re trying to get your MD, then a 4.0 is almost required). Hell, I’ve never even given an organization that I’ve worked for/applied to my GPA, no one’s ever asked. In order to be successful, we all need to understand the shift that’s occurring under our feet.

                      No one cares about how smart you are.

                   People care about how interesting you are.

I want to be someone that I myself would find interesting.

I want to travel the world and meet every type of person it has to offer.

I want to experience LIFE in a way that most people don’t and will never.

I want to work everywhere. Seriously, everywhere.

I want to eat exotic foods.

I want to run down the path that has never been taken.

I want to fail, and I want to succeed.

I want to try different hobbies.

I want to be a musician, a dancer, a poet.

I want to go to the Swiss Alps just to go to the Swiss Alps.

I want to drive a Ferrari, as well as a Dodge Neon.

I want to live my life to the fullest reaches of our known existence.


I’m in pursuit of being the most interesting man you’ll ever talk to.

At 27, I’ve seen and experienced my fair share of things. But I want MORE. I want to ‘DO’. And I have the upmost respect for those people who are doers, because doers are the most interesting people on the planet. I would much rather someone walk away from having a conversation with me and think, “Wow, that guy is pretty damn interesting,” than, “Man that guy knows a lot of information (read as: useless shit) that I could just as easily have looked up on my iPhone.”

Old stereotypes are shifting with the technological revolution that we’re living in. We’re connected to a device that can tell us anything we might want or need to know. Being intelligent used to be the main differentiator, it simply isn’t anymore.

With that, I challenge you to make the shift from trying to learn and know about all the stuff in the world to actually living it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Photo Credit: Flickr