the road to success

The road to creating a hip hop brand

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My name is Nick Seawright and I am a hip hop artist based out of Northern Virginia that goes by the alias Legend Rival.

This is my story… My road to success.

Background on me. Why I decided to create a hip hop brand and movement.

Fresh out of high school – rap was something I stumbled onto. It wasn’t my first instinct to get into music or to start making music at an early age. Graduating from high school in 2006, I listened to my parents, took the traditional route and I went to college. I absolutely hated it, so after a year I decided to drop out and work a job full-time.  Around the same time, I started rapping with some friends just hanging out during our free time.

After rapping on and off for a couple years, I started to take music more seriously. I created the alias Legend Rival (2010) and I started performing at community events, bars and open mics in the DC area. I uploaded my music on MySpace and focused on trying to build a buzz. From there, I began to make connections and got linked in to perform at local college events. (2011-2012)

creating a hip hop brand - Legend Rival in studio

With the emergence of the new internet (Facebook and all the new social media from 2009-2010), the music industry changed and my strategy changed with it. I chose to focus on building my online buzz and influence through music videos and online content. I’m currently based out of Northern Virginia where there aren’t too many outlets to empower local artists so it made a sense for me to use the internet to grow my brand and get my music and message out there.

I started making music strictly because my friends encouraged it, and over the course of time, it became something I really enjoyed. At the beginning, the goal was to become famous, get rich, travel, be a star and to get everything that comes with that. I’ve grown a lot since then and now my goals are to build a real brand and business with it, travel, tour and make a full-time living from it. Music gave me an outlet to express myself more as a person – it’s definitely brought a lot out of me because I’m naturally an introvert and tend to stay to myself.

Why Legend Rival is an Unique Type of Artist.

Every artist you come across is going to say that they are unique and different. I believe the difference between myself and a lot of other artists is that I stick to my voice and what I think is cool. It’s that simple. I’m not focused on making music for the streets, the club, or even for my personal peer group – I just focus on what I feel and what I want to say at a given time and that’s how my records come out. I’m really big on finding your own voice, your own style, and representing that to the fullest inside and outside of music. We all have influences, but I believe authenticity and finding your lane and niche will work well for you in any industry.

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In my music, I talk about coming up in this and the resistance you get on the way to becoming successful. I also talk about what I want in terms of lifestyle and I’m getting deeper into talking about my personal struggles as I go along.

My Goals For The Next Two Months

My goal for the next two months is to grow my brand by focusing on putting up my first three pieces merchandise FOR SALE and finishing up my next song and video before the year is out.

For the merchandise, I’ve got a couple of ideas for T-shirts and hoodies, and I’m excited for the world to hear my new song when I get it sounding like I want.

I plan to push and promote the hell out of my next music video like I did with The Chase (you can hear that here) because I’m aware that video is EVERYTHING when it comes to building awareness on the internet.

I also plan to continue growing my following, my music and my brand using my social media channels to gain more fans.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you’re interested in keeping in touch with me on my journey – stay tuned in! For any feedback and input, help is appreciated – my email is LegendRival@gmail.com

To Connect with Me on Social Media:

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