road to success podcast

The road to growing a daily podcast


My name is Ashley and I am the hostess of a daily (Monday-Sunday) podcast called, Real Talk with Ashley.

This is my story… my road to success.

Background on me and why I am hosting a daily podcast.

I have been testing, trying, doing and learning since 2009 (while of course since birth but 2009 was the year I truly began my journey). I learned some very valuable lessons and hard truths in my 20’s. I made mistakes, took leaps, did bold big scary stuff, failed, threw a shit ton of shit at the wall (when I say a shit ton I literally mean a shit ton), multiple multiple domains/designs/offerings, from got rejected for food stamps & slept on a yoga mat (yup), had countless difficult conversations, a multitude of broken hearts, bad business transactions, good investments and very bad ones, a revolving door of friends, clients, jobs, cities, partners, colleagues and assorted characters, dark nights, countless moves, countless trials and error, from not knowing who the fuck I was to becoming a fully self-aware badass with thicker skin and finally knowing myself in a deeper authentic real way — the good, the bad, the strengths, the weaknesses – all of it.

The day that I stopped trying to serve and connect with people through my “illusion” of what I was “supposed” to be offering/doing/presenting/being was the day everything shifted…and my podcast was born out of me knowing I had something to get out of me at a bigger scale.

I’ve always believed that our voice and personality can be our highest currency.

The way to “win” is to speak your truth and believe it. Cut the crap. Stop polishing yourself. I believe that our full story / full truth is what creates buzz.

I find power in the RAW sometimes icky sometimes roller coaster ride of the human life. That in itself is inspiring. Watching others rise up and get through shit — coming through breaking out as a powerful being. It’s the classic underdog story. I’ve gone through so many “deaths” and “rebirths” at this point in my journey thus far that there is nothing that I can’t RISE up from. Raw + Real. This is my belief of who will rise to the top, be the next entrepreneurial leaders. This is why I share my journey…because for me, success is not just the dollars it’s how many people I touch inspire change the course.

My mission is simply to leave people and the world better than I find them. I am here to be real, raw and share vulnerably as a leader for humans and let people know that you don’t have to be “perfect” or “fancy” to be seen as a leader.

My 2-month goal with my podcast.

Before I go into the goals for these next two months here, it’s important to bring you up to speed on where I’ve been with this podcast. It’s all about the consistency, dedication and giving 110% all day every day…celebrating myself for going full Monday-Sunday not ever missing a day since the podcast started March 27th and yup boatloads of patience because it’s a long-term journey not short term destination.

Within no time at all, my podcast has been in New & Noteworthy in Health > Self Help, Society & Culture, and Religion & Spirituality. While numbers aren’t EVERYTHING and well frankly podcasting stats and the way everything rolls in iTunes…I don’t want to put too much emphasis here BUT seeing the steady growth showed me that people dug what I was doing.

Real Talk with Ashley Downloads by the month thus far.

Month One – April: 1,000
Month Two – May: 5,402
Month Three – June: 8,096
Month Four – July: 9,838
Month Five – August: 11,173

Month Six – September: 12,920 *as of 9/29 AM

Surpassing the 12,000 DL mark doesn’t feel too shabby… long way and lots more to be done but like I said, I’m not here for a short-term thing.

Okay, onto the goals.

  1. Over the next two months, I would like to break into the 20K download mark.

  2. I would like to take this all to the next level and be in the top podcasts for Society & Culture > Personal Journals

  3. To amass and continue to grow myself as a public figure and establish myself even more.


1. Just show up every day (whatever and wherever you go all in — be present on your platforms and engage) BUT figure out your own way of commitment/how you operate (nothing wrong if you want weekly/daily/or need a day off just find your preference and rock it). I show up across a variety of platforms/write almost daily/record new episode every day but I’m probably a little crazy.

2. Consistency matters more than you realize — people get used to you and your content and they do notice if you aren’t there (whether it be snapchat, twitter, IG, an FB community, etc.)

3. Just be yourself…I am just fully ME on every episode and it’s funny how people really really dig it

4. There really is no “perfect” so don’t let that stop you from just showing up. You can always uplevel your equipment and there will always be something you can adjust or learn from but just don’t let that deter you from putting something out there… goes way beyond just podcast — it’s everything! Sometimes you gotta go “ghetto” – when I started I didn’t have a plan or professional equipment…I started with my iphone

Keep going and thank you for all of your support! I’m excited to keep showing up, being completely transparent and real along this journey. Between this series, Road to Success, the podcast episodes, all my content, and my FB Lives (another thing I strive to do daily) in my community I aim to always be real, raw, and open.