the road to success series

The road to growing a Youtube channel [update 1]

Since my last post on how I am starting a Youtube channel, a lot has changed. I started this series with the intention of building a YouTube channel based around the concept of creating content that people could see themselves in… content that speaks to a deeply held worldview or personal experience.

At the time I had spent 9 months building up a steady income from client services and I felt that I was in a comfortable enough position to start focusing on building an asset that could be leveraged in the long term.

Well, since setting off to grow my YouTube channel, a lot has changed:

  1. My comfortable income pretty much evaporated overnight
  2. My focus started being split between too many things
  3. My YouTube channel completely fell to the wayside

Unfortunately, that’s how entrepreneurship is sometimes. The minute you drop the ball and lose focus things have a way of falling apart very quickly.

But after an incredible amount of work, things have finally stabilized. So enough of the sob story!

I started this series with the intention of documenting how to start a YouTube channel and I fully plan on accomplishing just that.

In this post I’d like to do three things:

  1. Give you an update on where my YouTube channel is now
  2. Re-evaluate my initial goals
  3. Set my goals for the next two weeks

The Current State of My Channel

Subscriber Count

My current YouTube subscriber count is 147. That’s a measly 47 more than it was in my first post.

As I’m sure you have probably realize, at that rate there is no possible way that I’ll be able to hit my goal of 5,000 subscribers in the time frame allotted (a little over two months).

This means that in order to have any chance of success I’ll need to figure out how to increase my total subscriber number while also increasing my rate of new subscribers each day.

Total Videos
Currently my YouTube channel has ten videos uploaded by me over the last year. Two of these videos were added since started this series.

Needless to say this is a major reason for the lower subscriber count and subscriber growth rate above. More videos means more opportunities to be discovered which means more opportunities connect with someone enough to drive a subscription.

In many ways this is a numbers game. By increasing the total amount of relevant videos available, you should naturally also see an increase in subscribers and overall views.

My Goals for  growing my YouTube channel

When I first started this series, I had four main goals that I wanted to accomplish:

  1. Develop a YouTube content strategy
  2. Create and maintain a consistent publishing schedule
  3. Publish 10-20 new pieces of content
  4. Increase current subscriber base from 100 to 5,000

Of these I am currently not on pace to accomplish any of them within the time frame. I have yet to develop a YouTube strategy, I have not been consistent, I’ve only published two new pieces of content over the course of an entire month, and I’ve only gained 47 subscribers.

The above doesn’t look good. So in this section I want to take the time to outline what will need to be done in order to start checking off these goals.

Develop a content strategy

This is of course is just a function of doing the work. I have a basic idea of what needs to be done and what this should look like but, until I sit down and write it all out, there is no plan to work with. Accomplishing this goal will require me to carve out the time to sit down and plan out my content pieces, frequency of release, and video promotion strategy.

Maintain a consistent publishing schedule

This goal requires at least a basic version of a content strategy that outlines what days I’ll be publishing on and what the frequency will look like.

Once I have that staying consistent will require me to create videos ahead of time and work off of a calendar. The more I’m able to get ahead on content production the easier being consistent will be.

Publish 10-20 new pieces of content

At this point I’ve only released 2 new pieces of content. In order to hit the bare minimum of this goal, I will have to create and release at least another 8 videos.

If we assume that I have about six weeks left (this may actually be less since this post is a bit late) that works out to 2 videos per week going forward.

In order to achieve this goal I will need to develop my content strategy with a frequency of at least 2 new videos released every week. I will then need to carve out the time to create some videos in bulk in order to make it as easy as possible to stick to that frequency.

Increase current subscribers to 5,000

Increasing your subscribers seems to be a function of discovery, connection, and effective call-to-actions.

In order to increase my discovery rate I need to create and release more videos and have a more effective plan in place to promote those videos.

In order to increase my connection rate, I need to take the time to create the best content I can possibly create that appeals to a certain worldview or allows the viewer to see themselves within it.

Finally, I need to ensure that every video has the most effective call-to-actions for driving new subscribers.

My Immediate Goals

My immediate goals going forward will be to:

  1. Create content strategy
  2. Release 4-5 new videos
  3. Create video promotion strategy

If I can accomplish these three goals I should have a good opportunity to drive new discovery and subscribers in a short period of time.

Stay tuned for my next update!