There’s so much waiting for you

Some of your life’s best days haven’t happened yet.

No matter how old you are, no matter what you’ve done or haven’t done in your life, no matter the places you’ve seen, the experiences you’ve had, the heartbreak you’ve experienced… there is an entire future ahead of you. And it’s filled with amazing new experiences and people.

Life really changes for the better when you affirm that:

– You have not felt it all. You have not seen it all. You have not experienced it all.

– There are more places for you to see and more people for you to meet.

– There are nights out you haven’t had yet that will be filled with the best and loudest laughs.

– There are trips you haven’t taken yet to places you’ve never been where you’ll find people you’ve never met, food you’ve never eaten and views you’ve never seen.

– There are feelings you haven’t felt before, questions you haven’t answered and music you haven’t heard.

That should excite you!

You control what you’re looking for in life.

Are you looking for new possibilities, new experiences, new people, new places and new feelings?

Open yourself to this possibility! Open yourself to the fact that you can tell the universe what you want to see.

Say, “I am open to new things. I am open to more. I am open to the magic that life has available to me.”

“Show me what I’m looking for.”

“I’m looking for more. I’m looking for kindness, compassion, excitement, people and places.

There’s more in store for me and I’m excited for it!

Show me what I’m looking for because I know life has more in store for me.”

Life is preparing to show you so many new things.

Life is pulling you in new and exciting directions and in those places and along that journey you will realize that all those things you cling to because you think they cling to you – they will come to be replaced by new affirmations and realizations.

Life has more in store for you because there is more to life than what you’ve already seen and experienced. There is more to life than what has come and what you’re living right now.

There is more in store for you than what you worry about on a daily basis.

Life has so much more in store for you and it will be anything but mundane.

Let this realization excite you. Let it fill your cup.

Say… “show me what I’m looking for!”

“Show me what I’m looking for! I am looking for new perspectives, new realizations, new places, new experiences and new people.

I am so excited for what’s to come.”

Be grateful for your past, appreciate the present but be excited for the time that’s in front of you.

It holds great things for you – things you haven’t seen, felt or heard before and those things will continue to mold you into the person you’re capable of becoming.

Know that there’s more than you can imagine waiting for you. It’s out there for you.

And you’re going to find it.

Let’s go.

Written by Case Kenny

Case is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the host of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast. Reach him at or @case.kenny on Instagram.

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