This is why you should share your life’s embarrassing moments

Here are some life moments worth sharing:

  • graduation (congratulations!)
  • an engagement (yay!)
  • buying a house (show it off!)
  • a promotion at work (you earned it!)

Those are life moments we have very little hesitation towards sharing. We have no shame or guilt… just an enthusiasm that other people will appreciate them for what they are – a nice reflection of your growth.

Those are great moments to share, so share them! Shout them from a mountain and be proud!

BUT I also think we also need to have a willingness to share the not-so-glamorous moments in our life.

We need to be willing to share our life’s embarrassing moments.

I’ve heard this referred to as a willingness to share your life’s “I peed my pants in public” moments.

We all have those awkward, embarrassing, failure moments that we hide away and cringe when we think about them.

  • That time you literally peed your pants in 3rd grade (just call me Miles Davis)
  • That time you completely flopped in that interview (why do I want this position? uhhhh.. uhhhh…)
  • That time you wore two different shoes to work (it was dark this morning, ok?!)
  • That time you were so flustered you forgot your name (who me?! my name? uhhh…)

I think we need to share those awkward moments.

Why? Opening up and sharing them does two incredible things.

When you’re willing to share your life’s “I peed my pants in public” moments you’re willing to be vulnerable and not perfect anymore. That might seem like a seemingly small thing and not too different from cliche “be your best self” advice, BUT this really is huge.

When you’re willing to talk about those moments and share them with friends or colleagues or even strangers, you drop your guard and when you do that, you quickly realize that you are not alone.

Everyone has embarrassing face-palm moments. EVERYONE!

When you share those moments willingly – as a funny thing to reflect on and poke fun at or as part of a deep soul to soul conversation – you quickly come to realize that you’re not weird or falling behind like you once thought. Everyone has fallen flat. Everyone has flopped. Everyone has terribly embarrassing stories. Everyone has insecurities.

A willingness to share those embarrassing moments makes you realize this…


When you share those moments you also quickly learn who are your people and who are not.
People who scoff, ridicule, guilt or shame you for sharing your embarrassing moments? They are not your people.

People who laugh with you, empathize and share their own moments right back with you? Those are your people.

So, push yourself to air your funny, dirty laundry. Try it with some close friends and push yourself to poke fun at your missteps, awkward moments and outright failures.

Trust me… it feels good.

It feels good to no longer hide those things, thinking you should be ashamed of them.

Openly sharing your life’s “I peed my pants in public” moments will open you up in BIG ways AND will show you who are your people at the same time.

Life is too short to think you need to be ashamed of things you’ve done, haven’t done or did poorly.

Life is too short to think you are alone in living a wonderfully awkward, crazy life.

Life is too short to think you need people in your life who don’t support you through any and all moments.

Life is too short to think that you have anything to hide.

Let’s go.

Written by Case Kenny

Case is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and the host of the New Mindset, Who Dis podcast. Reach him at or @case.kenny on Instagram.

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