Three Keys to Turning Your Ideas Into a Reality

The most common dilemma to having a great business idea as an entrepreneur is figuring out if it’s worth spending your time to make it a reality.  Whether it’s a service or product in consideration, there are a few key steps you should be taking to test your idea. As every entrepreneur knows, everyone has ideas, and yours may be out of this world, but unless you actually act on it, your idea is worth nothing. What makes someone’s idea special is how he or she implements and executes it.

When I first had the idea for my watch company, Yes Man, I wanted to take it in an abundance of directions. I thought I could own every demographic and every sport. I soon realized that was nearly impossible and I had to focus on connecting with people who dig the brand we are creating.

The key to starting a company is getting feedback and connecting with people who can help turn your idea into a reality. When we were first starting Yes Man over one year ago, we ended up working up with people across four different time zones: I was based in Washington D.C. managing our development, I had a buddy in San Diego designing our logos, I had an engineer in Budapest creating our computer aided designs, and I had our manufacturer based in China. The main reason we outsourced was to stay lean as a startup, but it also enabled us to receive tons of feedback on our project.


One major change we made when starting was the branding of Yes Man. We originally thought the slogan, “Be That Guy” would stand out but, after talking with family and friends, we soon realized that no one wanted to “be that guy.” In order to hone in on what we stood for, we needed to establish the roots of our brand.

The concept for Yes Man stemmed from my freshman year of college where a group of friends and I would push each other to make the most of our day. We realized that everything we did started with the word yes; that’s what we realized Yes Man stood for, empowering people to realize everything starts with Yes.

Once we had the branding set on our end, we needed to figure out how to make our idea become a reality. Below are three essential steps we took to make our dream come to life:


When first starting Yes Man we did everything we could to connect with people who had been in the same position as us. This included reaching out to successful Kickstarter campaigns and mentors who had tons of experience in our industry. Through our drive to learn from others, we ended up landing a meeting with Andy Laats, the founder of Nixon watches. This incredible experience lead to us attaining some invaluable insight into the wrist watch world.


Many entrepreneurs are scared to talk about their ideas when first starting for the fear of having them stolen. This my friends, is a key to failing as an entrepreneur. With over seven billion people in the world, chances are someone has already had your idea before, but what makes your concept special is your vision and drive to make it reality. The fact of the matter is no company would be started without the founder’s vision to start it.


One of the often overlooked aspects of starting a business in the 21st century is the power at which we can easily outsource monotonous tasks. With the abundance of virtual assistants in our world, it’s time to start utilizing them. To utilize a virtual assistant, simply outsource a job of yours that can be done online and find a virtual assistant through a website like Freelancer.com. There are hardworking people around the world who are willing to work for far less than America’s standard wage.

As I continue to grow my vision for Yes Man, I see us designing and developing new products that represent our brand. We just launched our newest line of watches, the Shot Caller on Kickstarter and would be thrilled to hear what you think of it! We utilized a lot of what we learned when first starting to make this watch idea become a reality. As every entrepreneur knows, the key to turning your idea into a reality is your drive to execute and implement. Almost anything is possible in the 21st century and it’s your choice whether or not you make the most of your ideas.