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To achieve personal growth in life, stop doing this

Simply put… stop thinking of the outcome. Instead, fall in love with the process.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you’ve been doing cardio 3x a week and still haven’t dropped that extra 15 pounds, or blogging for a month and haven’t made any money yet, or working your tail off at work and haven’t received that promotion.

The further away we are from our goals, the more discouraged we can tend to feel, and the less motivated we are to keep going.

This is something we can all relate to. But, what I’ve found through research and my own personal experience is this:

When you fall in love with the process of personal development, you become more intrinsically motivated to show up and do the work.

This is true, even if the results aren’t quite there yet.

During a commercial for Red Bull, Blake Griffin said  “something my college coach told me was ‘you have to fall in love with the process of being great.'”personal growth - Blake GriffinI firmly believe that this mindset is what separates high performers from everyone else.

They don’t beat themselves up or take on the identity of a ‘failure’ if they don’t achieve their goals immediately.

True success and fulfillment come from falling in love with the process of showing up daily, making progress, and knowing you’re giving it your all each day.

Here’s why…

It’s all about your personal journey and the way you view yourself.

“The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life” – Carol Dweck

In her book, Mindset: The Psychology Of Success, Dweck shows how people with growth mindsets are more likely to achieve their goals because they fall in love with the process of putting in the effort, developing the skills, and getting the experience they need to get better.

They don’t let their current circumstances or results limit their potential.

What if instead of focusing on achieving your end goal, you focused on self-mastery?

Instead of losing 15 pounds, what if you developed new habits that would help you become the healthiest version of yourself?

Instead of writing posts with the goal of making a quick buck, what if you focused on mastering the art of delivering your message and content in a way that inspired people to take action and buy from you?

Instead of working overtime with the goal of getting noticed and promoted, what if you instead focused on one skill at your job that would enable you to impress those making the decision based on the merit of your skill?

This is the key to staying motivated and making meaningful progress towards the life and business we desire.

When you fall in love with the process, your potential stretches far beyond your initial goal and becomes limitless.

What matters most is the person you become as a result of your personal growth journey.

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The most valuable part of the journey to achieving your goals is the person you become in the process.

When you focus on the process, and not just the outcome, your self-identity grows. You step into the version of yourself you have to become to create these results.

This doesn’t just affect you in one specific area, it spills over into all other areas of your life.

When I wanted to get in better shape, I committed to going to the gym 5 days a week. As I continued to show up to the gym day after day, I became someone who was consistent and confident in following through on my commitments.

This confidence and consistency spilled over into my business and relationships as well.

By falling in love with the process, you’ll become a better version of yourself and develop the mindset, habits, and discipline you need to create long-lasting change.

But you’ll need to address the emotions of your growth journey.

One of the most harmful mindsets is the “when I, then I’ll…” mindset.

“When I hit six figures, then I’ll feel successful” 

“When I find a partner, then I’ll be happy”

We give up our power and how we feel emotionally, to something we have no control over. As long as we’re single and not making six figures we’ll continue to feel unhappy and unsuccessful.

This way of thinking doesn’t serve us, and actually holds us back from taking purposeful action towards our goals.

A better approach is to focus on doing the work daily, and appreciate the progress and ‘small wins’ you make throughout your journey.

When you fall in love with the process and focus on the small wins, you’ll continue to be motivated daily as you make more progress.

It will create a compound effect over time, and you’ll start to build momentum.

Embrace where you’re at right now, and the progress you’re making – even if it seems small.

Embrace the journey right now.

The key to staying inspired, feeling happy and making meaningful progress towards your goals is to fall in love with the process.

Goals matter and they give us something to strive for – but what’s far more effective for achieving your goals is to find a way to focus on the journey, and fall in love with the work you’re doing and the person you’re becoming in the process.

Keep going. No matter how close or far away your goals seem.

The world needs you to show up as your best self and do your best work – daily.