Turning Your Inspiration into Action

A Note from PRSUIT Editorial Director Konrad Stoick

In September of last year, I ran out of things to say.

I also started to feel like pontificating from the podium of web-written articles was not always the best way to communicate my ideas.

Though my intentions were always to help and inspire others, it felt like my articles had devolved into a recurring “Do as I do” motif.

I’m eating vegan now, and I feel great, and you should do it too if you want to feel great like me.

I meditate every day, and I feel great, and you should do it too if you want to feel great like me.

I met my girlfriend on Tinder, and you can do it too if you swipe right enough.

etc. etc.

I enjoyed writing, publishing, and sharing these articles which reflected my life experiences, but something was missing.

My friends gave me positive feedback on what I had written, but, for the most part, it felt like it was a one way exchange of information— dumped straight from my brain into the black hole of the internet. No one had actually reached out to me and told me they’d made a change to their life because of what I’d written (which ultimately is my goal).

Over the past few months, I’ve developed mixed feelings towards sharing and reading the content of others online.

One on hand, I think that writing and sharing articles online can be a good thing… even a great thing. Ultimately, it may spark curiosity in others, stimulate discussion, and inspire positive change.

On the other hand, most people’s reaction, even when they read an article that shares some valuable, potentially life altering information, is to simply click out of the browser and forget about what happened a couple minutes later. That’s not good.

PRSUIT is great in that we develop and curate the content that is truly worth reading. That way you don’t have to scour the dark corners of the web looking for the rare articles that actually add value to your life (seriously, we go through a TON of articles to find the good ones).

That is why I am writing this article as a call to you— the readers. If you read something on PRSUIT that inspires you, don’t let the inspiration end when you close out of the browser. Email the author, discuss it with your friends, and make an effort to kindle the embers of curiosity that were created!

Two way interactions are where we are truly influenced as humans— sharing ideas, conversing (whether it be in person or online), observing and learning from each other.

PRSUIT is just the gateway to your inspiration; you have to choose to take the journey yourself.

Title Photo Credit: getrefe