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Unlock your potential: 3 ways to turn any personal weakness into a strength

Weaknesses hold us back, but my experiences have taught me that it’s time we start using them to maximize our potential.

Life was great until my doctor told me I had to be on bed rest for the next four weeks. I didn’t know anything about pulmonary embolisms up until it put me out of commission.

Apparently having five blood clots blocking the arteries in my lungs would change my life forever. I didn’t expect what was to come after. Not being able to move, exercise, wash the dishes, make my own meals, and having to constantly rely on someone else for help was something I was going to have to get used to for the early part of my recovery.

During this painful time of weakness, life became a reality check.

Never before had I been in this position. I literally felt like my life came to a standstill, and that there was no escape. Hours felt like days, days felt like weeks, weeks felt like months, and time didn’t seem to move.

However, this time of weakness literally became my time of strength. During these weeks and the months ahead I would progress more than I ever had before and certainly more than I had done in the previous years combined.

I had learned the three essential keys that turned my weaknesses into strengths.

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Key #1: Time is what you make of it.

During my time of bed rest I thought I would be watching a lot of Netflix, and I did. I started off by watching show after show after show, and this led to me becoming depressed. I felt physically and emotionally weak, and felt as if I was stuck.

Because I couldn’t do anything physical, I became depressed and didn’t want to do anything else. However, I remember thinking to myself that maybe if I tried to do something productive I might feel a little better. After all, I had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted.

I then dropped Netflix and TV and started dedicating all my time to increasing my knowledge in various capacities. I started researching how to lose weight without exercising, and I ended up losing 30 pounds by applying what I learned. I ended up learning about online business strategies, and I was able to get my company featured on numerous national news outlets. I ended up taking more credits for school, and it accelerated my timeline and I was able to graduate way ahead of schedule.

I learned that we all have something in common no matter how different we all may be, and that is that we all have time. Time will become what we make of it. If we choose to waste it with TV, Netflix, lounging, sleeping, or other things… then it will become a weakness. However, learning to make the most of the time we have is what will ultimately allow us to accomplish more and learn to utilize it into a strength.

Key #2: Focus on what you can control (personal strength).

It’s human nature to focus on things we can’t control. We constantly focus our attention on things that we don’t have or can’t do, and we end up wasting so much emotional and physical energy on it. This literally takes away from succeeding with the things that we have direct control over.

An example was when I was on bed rest and I learned to focus all of my attention and energy on what I could control. At that time I was not allowed to exercise in any capacity, and for a while that really bothered me. As a matter of fact, I ended up gaining some weight quickly because I just laid around and ate what I want. All my energy, thoughts, and emotion was so fixated on what I couldn’t do, that I forgot to focus now what I could do.

With time I realized that although I couldn’t exercise, I still had direct control over what I could eat. I was so focused on what I couldn’t do, that it literally blinded me from taking action on what I was able to do. I started to focus all my energy on what I was able to control, which was my eating, and I ended up losing a little over 30 pounds in a short period of time.

This applies to almost anything in our lives. If we start focusing all our time, energy, attention, and focus on what we have direct control over, and stop worrying about everything else, this will unlock our potential by allowing us to finally put 100% into what is right in front of us.

Key #3: Action is essential.

I remember being on bed rest and having just finished reading my first self help book, I asked myself “what next?”. Everything I had learned up until that point was absolutely meaningless until I applied it.

I made a list of goals based off on what I had learned and wanted to accomplish. I didn’t see progression until I actually started applying what I learned. I didn’t feel good until I could see the results of what I was doing.

This was a big trial in my life, but I learned how to make the most of it and turn it into a positive experience. If it wasn’t for taking action, it would have literally been the biggest waste of time and ended up becoming a depressing abyss.

We all learn things, we all know things, we all get inspired at times, but we rarely put things into action. Our lives and weaknesses will stay the same until we start taking action.

Any list of weaknesses can be approached the same…

Everyone is faced with their own weaknesses. However, we all have to decide if we want those weaknesses to overtake us, or if we want to turn them into our strengths. By utilizing the three keys of making the most out of our time, focusing on what we can control, and taking action, you will elevate your life and achieve your potential life never before.