What is a Mastermind Group?

Get inspired by like-minded people

I am a dreamer, I am a doer as I wrote on my very first post here on Medium. I love connecting with like-minded people and getting as much as giving and inspiring an action.

Recently I came across a concept of Mastermind Group. Briefly it is simply a bunch of like-minded people who are making things happen and sometimes lack of inspiration or motivation to keep going, having their ups and downs and just are in need of that kick in the butt to keep doing the thing and reaching the initial goal.

I am terrible at connecting with people and I thought that it would be really cool to try something new and join a nice Mastermind Group where I could learn as well as help others in any way I can.

Why it is important?

Having so many projects going on I don’t have much time to talk to different people where here, on the Mastermind Group I can focus for one hour on a quality chat with people who are stepping out of the comfort zone to push the limits a little bit further to accomplish something extraordinary. It inspires me, probably that is the main motif, second one is that it holds you accountable for what you say and plan to do, after a week you do a catch up and guys will ask about your projects and goals you’ve told them the last time, so better be ready.

Thanks for Paulius for suggesting me to write about this.

‘Yeah I’d like to start something like that but I don’t know where to look for these kind of things and people’ — you might think, but you don’t have to aim very high for the beginning. I have started with only 2 other guys and it worked out to be a fantastic start.

Some actionable tips:

  • Don’t look too far, pick 3-4 people you know physically or virtually who are striving to make things happen.
  • Let them know about the Mastermind Group concept.
  • Arrange a time convenient for everyone and sit down for a chat on Skype or Google hangouts for an hour.
  • Prepare a short talk about your projects, goals and challenges you face.
  • Help others and others will help you.

How do you keep your motivation level high and make sure you achieve as much as you can? Let me know by commenting on this post.

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Written by Tomas Laurinavicius

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