What it’s really like to do a ‘Semester at Sea’

A semester at sea truly gives you a 360° view of the world…

Says Anthony Bozin, the College of Charleston ’17 senior behind the viral video which documents his semester at sea and the 15 countries he visited during the semester.

In this video which made its rounds on the internet last week, Anthony uses a selfie-stick and Go Pro to document his trip to 15 countries including Japan, China (one of our favorites!), HongKong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, United Kingodm, France and Ireland.

We hopped on a quick call with Anthony to get the lowdown on his experience. This is what we learned. We hope it encourages you travel more and experience the life lessons that long-term travel has to offer.

semester at sea


I did the Semester at Sea for two reasons. First, the fact that you could go to so many countries in a short period of time. But more importantly, that the countries you go to are ones that I realistically wouldn’t travel to again because of how far away and spread out they are. It was an easy way to see so many countries.

Prior to voyage, I saw some of the ‘around the world’ videos on Youtube and how people had captured their travel. I had friends who had done it as well. But all the videos were just someone holding the camera and filming what they saw.

I decided to 360 selfie stick because you see more. You see more than just my perspective. You see everything.

semester at sea


While on the ship, you took classes every day. When in port, you were free to roam. There were 500+ students from around the world on the ship.

My classmates were supportive! Whatever country I was in, the locals would laugh and stare at me. Especially in a museum or some special space where it was sometimes rude.

I learned that you need to have an open mind. I went to India with such negative views and ended up loving it. I was very pessimistic before I got there. It is cliche to say, but I really learned that you need to throw away any and all stereotypes.

semester at sea

I loved Capetown for hiking but the biggest influence for me was The Great Wall of China. It was way bigger than I thought. A lot of it was broken down. It was a very authentic and real experience.

Also, India. I had negative thoughts of it as being extremely filthy and somewhat dangerous. But when walking through the spice and food markets, it was anything but. 

In all the countries, family was the biggest aspect that the locals had in common. We are very individualistic society but in these countries, they were all about family. Also, people were SO friendly!