What To Wear with A Navy Blazer (Blue Blazer Outfit)

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Blue Blazer Outfit

A navy blue blazer is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a man can have in his wardrobe.

Classically, it has been paired with a white button-up shirt and khaki trousers.  However, a navy blue blazer may be worn with a plethora of styles of pants and shirts.

  If there is one rule to take from this article is to make sure the last thing you wear with your navy blazer is navy trousers.


Blue Blazer Outfit


The safest bet you can go with is a pair of khaki trousers.  This is the classic preppy, country club style that’s been adopted as a stable in many wardrobes.  Light colored khakis are a great pairing for the warmer months of the year as well.

However, a navy blue blazer goes great with medium or light grey pants as well.  Charcoal trousers are also a safe option, although a more boring option that could make you look like a security guard at a sports event.  You’d be surprised to find that even brown trousers match well with a navy blazer.  Stay well away from black or navy – you don’t want to look like you dressed in the dark with a mismatched suit.  However, blue itself is not off-limits – if it’s a few shades lighter than your blazer, it’ll pair well.  More eccentric guys will try an unconventional pair of bright pastel trousers, but that’s a road I’m not so willing to cross.

With fabrics, you could range from flannel and worsted wool to khaki and even denim.  A more relaxed and casual look for happy hour can be a pair of your favorite denim jeans and a navy blue blazer.




Blue Blazer Outfit


A white button-up shirt always reigns supreme with any jacket or blazer, no matter what.  Another safe choice is a regular blue button-up.  But if you want to break from the conformity, try changing it up with a different light color or a patterned one shirt – like a white shirt with blue checks or a salmon shirt with white stripes.

Be bold and contrast your shirt from your blazer but stay away from vibrant colors or black.  You don’t even need to stay glued to the button-up.  For more casual occasions, it’s fine to sport a sweater or long-sleeved shirt.  A grey or brown vest can give you a classy look if that’s what you’re after.


Blue Blazer Outfit


This is the easiest part.  Black or any shade of brown shoes – merlot, oxblood, walnut, etc. – all go great with a solid navy blue blazer.  Don’t overthink it.  Go be dapper in your blue blazer outfit.


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