Why is motivation so elusive for millennials? Here is the equation to keep it

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Motivation is a term that is over-used, over-hyped and often misunderstood.

It’s something frequently brought up when mentioning certain successful people, their habits and their mentality towards success and it’s a frequent topic of conversation…I’m just not motivated right now. Sound familiar?

Yet, for some reason this thing that is so in your face and so often discussed… is still so ELUSIVE!

We all deal with times in our lives where we feel lousy and tired and we don’t feel like doing anything at all. Procrastination starts to take over and we begin to let the thought of action slip deeper and deeper into our subconscious mind.

Although we tend to quickly forget, the missed opportunity still does it’s damage to our spirit.

It lands in the subconscious mind and stays there. Our highest self knows that we truthfully did not perform up to our highest potential and it feels like a blunt sting – causing that constant, yet subtle feeling of discomfort that you know you could be doing “just a little bit better” and being “a little more focused”.

Our inner voice is our greatest and most true critic.

I have learned to listen to it and it has changed my life. It has shown me what a motivated mindset actually is and what aspects of it to pay attention to.

I am on a mission to inspire my generation to become the best version of themselves, teach my peers how to feel better about themselves and create things that matter through my weekly Facebook Live TV show – Leave Normal Behind. Through the course of my interviews and networking, I have learned that staying motivated is one of the most important keys when it comes to long term success.

For many motivation is elusive because they do not breakdown the components of how to attain it.

There are three stages of owning a motivation mindset that I have learned and applied in my life. Here is the equation as I see it:

1. The initial spark of motivation comes from ambition and expectancy.
If you cannot picture an end goal, it will be hard to aspire to get there.

2. Sustaining motivation comes from attention and effort.
It’s difficult to stay passionate about something if you don’t pay attention to the details.

3. The amplification of motivation is surrounding yourself with like-minded people that inspire you to be better.
There is an osmosis exchange with every relationship in your life. Choose your inner circle wisely.

Linking these three components consecutively is essential for maintaining motivation.

Motivation, especially when exemplified by millennials, is something magical.

There are some millennials like Kieran Mathew, CEO of Amplify Solutions Inc, who have hacked their motivation to do incredible work. Amplify Solutions Inc. is a student-run marketing firm that changes the way brands communicate with students. It is one of Canada’s fastest growing marketing firms and Kieran built the organization from a one man shop to a national organization with 60+ employees and 100+ influencer partnerships in 6 months.

Kieran is a guy who knows a thing or two about what it means to become motivated and stay that way.

For millennials, founder Kieran gives these 3 tactics to stay motivated:

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1. Motivation should first be fostered internally.

Focus on self-awareness – a trait that is absolutely crucial for professional and self-development. By becoming self-aware, you are gaining a deeper understanding into your strengths and weaknesses.

Motivation is fostered through positivity, performance and by consistently adding value.

Through understanding your strengths and weaknesses you can direct your focus more effectively.

2. Once you’ve gained a deeper understanding of yourself, use the experience for enhanced drive.

Regardless of what you do in life there will be failures and setbacks.These should serve as the ultimate, external influence to enhance and maintain your motivation.

Understand what went wrong, why and how you can improve to ensure it does not occur again.

Once you have done so, cultivate the energy which often consumes you during a setback and use it to drive success in a more effective manner.

3. Accept small wins and be patient.

Success and results do not come overnight.

Although it is important to envision long term success, setting goals and KPI’s will help you maintain focus and drive.

It’s easy to lose motivation when you do not see the long term vision come to fruition quickly.Do not lose sight of this, but be grateful for the small wins during this process.

Striving for those smaller, constant wins will help you to stay motivated, to remain patient and most importantly, to enjoy the process.

I hope you can take these insights and use them to hack the equation of your own Motivation

Even though it is ELUSIVE , I know you can use these ideas to stay focused and find the internal motivation to overcome obstacles.

Leave normal behind, become the best version of yourself and create things that matter !

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Written by Rob Fajardo

Rob Fajardo is the founder of the Leave Normal Behind movement and host of LNB Tv, a Facebook live television show that discusses trending news in business, technology, innovation, social impact, and more from a millennial perspective. The purpose of Leave Normal Behind is to inspire you to become the best version of yourself and create things that matter.

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