Why I’ve decided to wear the same thing every day

My quest to prioritize mental energy.

When I start my day, I spend 40 minutes getting ready in the morning. I shower, get dressed, then head back to the restroom to put the final touches on and I’m out the door. When I get to my office, I have to make tons of decisions. I’m answering to our customers, staff, and outside contractors for matters ranging from creative direction, to legal/financial matters, to product development — it’s all my call. One small miscalculated decision could cost us tons of money, lead us to a dead end, or break a fragile partnership we’ve worked so hard on. It’s important that I’m on point and ready to answer like a boss.

Naturally, as a start-up CEO, I experience decision fatigue, which according to becomingminimalist.com, refers to the “deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision making”. I feel mentally drained by the end of each day — I can’t even decide what to watch next on Netflix.

When the idea to wear the same thing every day entered my mind, I tossed it around with friends (most said I was nuts). I later did a quick Google search and found that I wasn’t alone in this logic. As a matter of fact, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein, and Barack Obama all wear the same outfit every day.

“It’s the same willpower that you use to be polite or to wait your turn or to drag yourself out of bed or to hold off going to the bathroom,”

says Roy F. Baumeister, a psychologist who studies decision fatigue and a co-author of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength.

“Your ability to make the right investment or hiring decision may be reduced simply because you expended some of your willpower earlier when you held your tongue in response to someone’s offensive remark or when you exerted yourself to get to the meeting on time.”

I was sold on the lifestyle. I decided on black shoes, black pants/shorts, and a white long-sleeve/short-sleeve button-up oxford shirt — always tailored to fit my body. This style pairs nicely with my SKINNYFATTIES tie, the one thing I want people to take notice of. I took things a bit further and gave my barber a visit for a simple buzz cut.

Bottom-line: No more outfit-picking decisions each morning or time spent forcing my unruly cowlick to comply; more time and mental energy spent focusing on the success of my team and growing company.

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Joshua is the Founder & CEO of @SKINNYFATTIES