Why I love the journey to success no matter what

No shortcuts on the journey to success.

So before I get into this story, I want to backtrack a few months to give you some context.

In January, I made the decision to break up the design and marketing agency I had founded with my business partner six months prior. Things weren’t progressing, we were losing money and it was time to make the call.

Oddly enough, despite the thousands of dollars I lost and the “failed” business, I had never felt more empowered in my life.

My vision was clear, I couldn’t rely on others to help me achieve my goals. I was the only one capable of doing so and this left me more motivated than ever before.

I had started this business while I was working a full-time job. As you can imagine, my plate was full and the grey hairs were plentiful.

My full-time job paid the bills and allowed me to live in New York City, but at the end of the day I wasn’t fulfilled by the work I was doing. So I quit my job, moved to Medellín, Colombia and went all in on pursuing my dream of working for myself as a location-independent entrepreneur.

Upon quitting my job and arriving to Medellín I had one web design client worth $500 (baller status). I wanted to put myself up against the wall and leave myself with two options – going broke or making it happen. As soon as I got here, it was time to hustle.


It was stressful. It was hectic. It was exactly what I wanted.

After two weeks of pitching projects to friends and through job platforms like Upwork, I heard nothing back.

I was stressed at times, but then I reminded myself that I purposely put myself in this situation knowing that these moments are when we truly grow.

Week three came around and I woke up to two messages from friends saying they each had someone in need of a website. I was able to close one of the deals (and get paid 50% up front).

Additionally, someone I contacted a few weeks prior via Upwork (eLance) reached out saying they were in need of a designer as the one they hired fell through. They ended up hiring me as well.

Problem was as soon as I ended up getting paid for the one project, I basically brushed it off and took little time to appreciate what had happened, getting right back to work.

Again, when I moved here I was essentially starting from scratch… and I just had gone from 0 to 3 clients overnight. Instead of taking time to reflect on my good fortune, I essentially brushed it off and jumped right into the next task at hand.

I’m currently reading a book about how mega-successful individuals manage their time. One of the quotes that really struck me was this one:

“There will always be more to do, and more than can be done.”

We are constantly in search of more. So much so that we often times forget to appreciate what’s happening right in front of our faces – as I had just done.

Reading this quote served as another reminder for me to take a step back and truly appreciate the present moment. This practice was incredibly rewarding and motivating. It proved the power of consistently working towards a goal as the investment of my time has slowly but surely begun to pay off.

Now again, there will always be more to do, and more than can be done on our journey to success. The way that we can combat this fact is by determining our values, determining our priorities and then putting a plan of action into place.


At the end of the day we’ll never be able to accomplish everything we want to. But if we appreciate the journey and love the process, while being intentional with our daily actions, we’ll be able to continually move closer and closer to achieving our goals.

Overnight success is not real. Success requires consistency, daily. But if you’re putting in the time day in and day out, the wins will come, whether they are big or small. Let my story serve as a reminder to fall in love with the journey to better yourself, while always taking the time to reflect.

Written by Matt Kohn

Matt Kohn is an adventurer, Crossfitter and web designer. He authors Different Hunger where he provides ambitious 20-somethings with practical insights and tested strategies to improve their mindset, productivity and motivation.

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