Why now is the time to break up with a friend

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This isn’t your typical friendly advice type of article. On the contrary, this is a raw truth that most people choose to oversee. I am here to remind you, no, better yet, I am here to demand that you awaken to this truth and make a change to your circle of influencers.

It’s time to end a relationship… or two.

Now, before we deep in further into the discussion let me remind you that there are good influencers in your life currently as well as the opposite of those… bad influencers. Should you choose to oversee this fact, it will be sure to cost you in the long term, resulting in a general lack of happiness, drive and growth. Believe me, you do not want to look back and have regret like this, so read on.

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I challenge to you to ask yourself this question.

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where you felt that the presence of a certain person in your life no longer served a purpose to your own?

This may be a relationship with a friend, a colleague, a close relative or a significant other.

A relationship which has slowly began to crumble but you chose to overlook the powerful signals of your intuition and therefore continued your relationship with this individual in your life, solely due to the loyalty you felt you had to honor towards them?

I am here to bluntly remind that you have officially compromised yourself, your happiness and above all, your growth. So then why this destructive behavior?

You may well guess the answer is because, in being blind towards your deep intuitive feelings about someone, you have also slowed down your own growth, subconsciously, yet, significantly. What your intuition has been desperately trying to bring to your attention is that, at certain times, a change in your circle is not only needed but demanded.

This change involves the cleansing of negative people who bring no value to your life, and furthermore slow down your achievements. Regardless of the role this individual may play in your life, your loyalty to them has served them well, while in contrast has also slowed down your potential to reach higher in life.

The time is now to cut them loose, the time is now to connect with those who will challenge you to do better, to reach higher and above all, to genuinely grow.

Let go of those who fail to be a part of your growth. And don’t be afraid to do it.

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For the sake of stating it, I will remind you now that it is not selfish to demand high standards of those around you. You owe it to yourself to acquire a circle of doers who will help you reach your wildest dreams. “Change is the only constant.” as stated by Heraclitus.

Do not sabotage your inner growth for the sake and comfort of others. Your life is yours to live. Your dreams are only as achievable as you allow them to be. In the way you connect with those around you and from the connections you make with successful like-minded people, your building blocks are created. Your future is created, today.

The time is now to disconnect… a permanent disconnection for a promising future which you undeniably, owe to yourself

Disconnection can come in many forms. What is crucial to recognize is that at times your intuition will be the only guiding truth for your decisions in life. Chose not to ignore these sentiments.

Do not fail to acknowledge the time when a certain person no longer belongs in your life. It will be your responsibility to gracefully disconnect from their presence entirely. All answers can be found, should we chose to look within and close the doors to those who no longer belong in our space.

Written by Andrada Lorena

Andrada L. Antalut is an aspiring entrepreneur and philanthropist, currently studying her second year of Business. Her current goal is to become an entrepreneur by the age of twenty-six while actively working on her upcoming book on personal achievement.

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