Why Sequoia Capital Hears 200+ Pitches a Month and Only Funds Two

You might recall Sequoia Capital from the movie “The Social Network”  in a scene where Napster creator Sean Parker convinces Mark Zuckerberg to show up late to a VC meeting wearing pajamas  – –  Parker’s way of sticking it to Sequoia.

Facebook’s relationship with Sequoia has since been mended considerably…since 2012 Facebook has paid for two Sequoia-funded companies, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Since its founding in 1972 Sequoia has backed startups that are now collectively valued at over $1.4 trillion – – equivalent to a staggering 22% of the Nasdaq. Among the roster of companies it has invested in are Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, Square, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tesla, and the list goes on.

This article appears in the April issue of Forbes but is available online now. Read it now and get an inside look at one of Silicon Valley’s top VC firms.




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