How to find your state of flow while traveling and working from your laptop

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Freelancers, consultants, contractors and entrepreneurs are stepping into living a laptop lifestyle in droves. It’s more common than you think.

Living a laptop lifestyle simply means that you make the rules about when and where you work.

However, just because you are living the laptop lifestyle, doesn’t mean you are making money.

The difference between someone that merely survives working remotely, and someone that thrives doing is in their mindset – their state of flow.

As someone who has dedicated her life to studying the art of flow (the state where action and awareness merge) and then teaching my friends, colleagues and clients how to create an optimal environment for flow in all areas of their lives, I have learned a lot about optimal work environments.

I have learned that in order to thrive as a laptop lifestyle entrepreneur or even a remote employee, make more money on the road than you do at home, and grow your network authentically, you need to step into what I call #flowstateofmind.

As a leader in the Flow industry, I have spent years studying it on a physiological level with my clients, the students that I teach globally and most importantly on myself. What I have found is that when you step into the proverbial “Flow” and get your mind right, your movement right, your creativity mediums and your productivity & creativity rhythm right… you allow the universe to bring you opportunities that serve your highest truth.

I recently connected with PRSUIT’s editor-in-chief Case Kenny and he urged me to help PRSUIT’s loyal readers find their state of flow when on the road, working from a laptop or traveling the world. What follows are the keys I have discovered personally and from my clients on how to truly live a fulfilling laptop lifestyle.

Follow these 7 principles to find your state of flow and be successful living a laptop lifestyle.


1. Establish a rhythm with creative work, productive work and self-care.

Freelancers who work from their laptops are highly susceptible to multitasking, workaholism and burnout. I coach people to understand the wave in which your brain can optimize work life balance.

Flow State of Mind Pro Tip: write out all tasks for the week on Sunday.

Decide if these tasks qualify as creative work (requiring original thought; writing your body of work, filming video, content development), productive work (requires doing, logging on to websites, writing emails or proposals), research (reading, collecting information, examining competition) or self care (working out, meditation, yoga, nature walks). Once you have all tasks written on a main list, schedule out a self care day, a research day, a productive day, and a creative day in that order. Schedule your 2-5 tasks each day, in a planner and cross them off as you complete them.

2. Maintain in person meetings weekly, or via Skype.

We live in a time where we don’t need to be physically present to build solid business relationships. Use that to your advantage. Asking a person for a Skype meeting or Google Hangout is the norm for laptop entrepreneurs, and practicing social intelligence during the meeting is key to success. Asking the deeper more meaningful questions that get people thinking is a surefire way to take that next step in business with them.

3. Schedule time to unplug.

So many entrepreneurs are running the whole show, working around the clock and just plain letting their business own them. Don’t be afraid to take a critical look at your business model, decide if it is making you enough money to warrant your extreme work load, and if it’s not CHANGE something. Remember, you own your biz, not the other way around.

Making time to unplug from emails daily is critical to maintain balance. Even better, I like batching all of my calls and email follow up into three days every two weeks. I work super hard on getting everything done and in motion, and then tie my free time for travel, exploring, adventure, yoga and stepping into Flow.

4. Polish your website.

Get crystal clear on the services you offer, define them in excruciating detail so that when your potential clients research your brand they know exactly what to expect. Writing good copy means speaking directly to your ideal client, solving their problem, and creating trust.

If you’re website is sub-par, you can’t expect to generate business consistently. Polish that baby like a diamond.

5. Identify your top revenue streams, and streamline the process to closing the sale.

Whether that means automating your store, or using apps for scheduling exploration calls (I use to eliminate wasted time going back and forth with crazy schedules), find the areas where you are leaking efficiency and clean it up.

Good “laptop lifestyle” practices for maximum profit mean minimizing the time spent between initial interest and making payment. Make it as easy as possible for your clients to do business with you, period.

6. Drive traffic to your online business in an interesting way.

There are so many avenues to bring people to your domain, but the ones that really stand out are unique and hold your interest. You have a chance to make an impact on people through your brand’s web presence.

Whether it’s a YouTube video, a Facebook private group or an Instagram gallery, every single time you share content make sure it has that x-factor that makes people want to look further into your work.

7. Create a team.

The smartest move you can make when truly stepping into the laptop lifestyle A-game is hiring people to help you. For me, hiring contractors to carry out my coaching work at my local yoga and fitness studio gave me 20 extra hours a week. Next hiring a social media expert to help me organize and optimize my online presence freed up even more time. I hire designers, photographers, filmmakers whenever I need an expert eye or professional branding work. It’s easier than you think, once you get past the fact that you are spending money. It is so worth it to have your precious time back, to create and run those higher level business meetings.

I will be the first to say that living the laptop lifestyle on the road full time is not for everyone. It takes a fearless and driven entrepreneur to really embrace the traveling component. Even if traveling abroad isn’t for you, these tips will help you stay balanced and engaged in your work, and most importantly take care of you.

Questions? Get in touch via my consulting website to schedule an exploration call.

Written by Summer Huntington

Summer Huntington holds a Masters in Kinesiology and is the founder of Clubbell Yoga. She also coaches emerging entrepreneurs to create authentic brands with heart through her signature Flow State of Mind Coaching programs, based on coaching psychology and mindset techniques. Summer also leads retreats for personal development, mentors people around the globe and is a Head Coach for RMAX International - a leader in Flow Science and performance coaching.

Always on the move, Summer has led Clubbell Yoga seminars and workshops in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, BC, Budapest, London, Brisbane, Madrid and beyond. She has taught Clubbell Yoga at Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Whistler, Victoria Yoga Conference, contributed to Shape Magazine, and writes inspirational articles for multiple online magazines.

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