Why you don’t need to be a morning person to be successful

No matter how you shake it, I have never and will never be a morning person. That’s just the way I’m wired and no amount of articles on why you need to be a morning person or why you need to get up before the competition gets up is going to change the way I am. There will be no subsequent article to this titled “How I became a morning person.

So, I’m doomed for failure, eh?

Not so fast. I simply do not thinking being a morning person is a requirement for success.

There is an increasing pubic perception that you need to be up early and working to be successful. Many of the great entrepreneurs of our age swear by their morning routines and the role it plays in their success – and that propagates this idea- but I simply do not see it as necessary.

Don’t get me wrong. I have the utmost respect for my peers who are up at 5 am and already hustling, but for me, I simply do not do good work in the morning hours. That’s just the way I am. I have realized this and come to terms with it.

Lucky for me, everyone gets 24 hours in a day  – regardless of whether you get up at 5 am or 8 am. I hear from folks who swear by their morning routines that there simply is not enough time in the day for them to get everything done and that getting up earlier is the only way to add more time. While technically true (math!), I personally think success boils down to more than just hours.

As the ever so eloquent Arnold Schwarzenegger once said,

“Not enough time is no excuse. The day is 24 hours. You sleep 6 hours. You need 8 hours? Sleep faster.”

For me, success is simply a matter of priorities and being able to execute.

It is a matter of cutting out the crap and excess in your day and focusing on what you need to get done to accomplish your goal. For me, it’s that simple.

I don’t watch TV during the week. You won’t find me lounging on the couch on Instagram. When I go to the gym, I go with purpose and am in and out in 40 minutes. When walking to and from the office, I am handling calls, leaving messages, etc.

But Case! You’re probably a night owl so you’re just swapping out mornings for nights!

Nope. Just as I am a slow and meandering guy in the morning, I putter out around 11:30/12 am and am no longer capable of high performance. Which means, I have to make the most out of every waking hour.

It’s all about efficiency, and getting up at 5 am (or staying up until 2 am) isn’t necessarily going to help with that. Getting up early isn’t going to help you if you haven’t committed to executing. Getting up early isn’t going to help you if you don’t have vision.

Here’s my advice if you are struggling to find time in the day, morning or night to chase your dream or passion. Instead of getting up early because that is what you are supposed to do if you want to be successful, do this instead.

Make a simple but conscious decision to go after the lifestyle you want.

Once you make this commitment, you will find a way to make it happen. Morning, day or night.


I have made this decision and I embrace the fact that I am slow and somewhat unintelligent in the mornings. Because I’ve made this commitment, I find every opportunity to execute and progress my visions.

Walking to and from the office. On the way to the gym. In between sets at the gym. In between emails at the office. In the bathroom. While taking a shower. In line at the grocery store.

I wrote this article less to talk about morning routines/the differences between morning and night owls and more to talk about the need for PASSION. If you don’t have this, no amount of early mornings and long nights is going to help you.

I leave with you with this. Pejman Ghadimi posted this on Instagram earlier and it got me AMPED up because this is the attitude you must have if you want to execute and move from being a dreamer to a doer.

So cheers to the idiot that thinks he is gifted, really special, feels unique and empowered daily but still ends up wasted out of their ass at noon on #sundayfunday – if you truly think you are unique and inside believe you are going to make a difference in this world, then there needs to be less talking, less idiotic behavior, and more actions leading to results. Seriously guys…. No excuses.